Your NaNo Peptalk: Remember, This is a Rough Draft


NaNo day 1
NaNo day 1

Welcome to day one of NaNoWriMo!! Do your characters feel flat? Emotionless? Are they like puppets on strings? That’s okay! They can feel that way. This is NaNoWriMo, its worse than a rough draft, its a poorly written rough draft. That’s what you need to do after NaNo is over, for now, just write!! Don’t worry about anything, it will come, the point of NaNo is not to turn out a perfectly written first draft, it’s to write, write, and write some more!

I got bored so I made a cover.
I got bored so I made a cover for my novel.

And don’t worry about names, or being accurate. My story is set in Russia and I have a character named Emily who will be getting a new name soon curtesy of Find and Replace and a list of Russian baby names. Your document may also be full of those annoying little red squiggly lines (mine sure is!), spelling errors. Ignore them.

Repeat it with me. This is a draft. This is a draft. This is a draft. Stick it to your forehead. Make it your motto for the month, along with, Write, Write, Write!


Clara stared at her reflection in the mirror, running a brush through her frizzy hair to coax it into place. Perfect. Her shoes she located under her bed, tucked there carefully after the last party. Then she dusted her skirt and stood, smiling broadly at her reflection. Her dark hair was braided with silver ribbon to keep it out of her face, the collar of her shirt was pressed perfectly, and her dress was pleated and free of wrinkles.  “It won’t last five minutes,” she declared. As if in answer something down the hall crashed. “Fritz!” she screamed, rushing to her door and throwing it open.

NaNo Day One

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