Book Review: Entwined

EntwinedEntwined by Heather Dixon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My oh my. I loved this book so much. The story, the characters, the fact that its one of my favorite fairy tales!!! (although, when I bought it, I somehow managed to buy this without realizing that it was a version of the Twelve Dancing Princesses. whoops)

I thought the sisters were very well handled. Many books that have that many characters eventually have them all blend and fall together, and it loses some of its charm. But this book handled them very, very well. I think part of that was the fact that not all of the sisters are important to the story, Azalea, Bramble, C(whatever the third sister was), Kale and Lilly are the ones who stand out most in my mind. A very helpful thing was putting the girls in alphabetical order, which is why even though I don’t exactly remember the third sister’s name, I do remember that her name starts with a ‘c’.

The girl’s relationship to their father, the King, whom they call ‘The King’ and ‘Sir’ is heartbreaking. I desperately wanted to feel pity for the man who had lost his wife, but the POV – the girls – and their thoughts made it near impossible at first. My opinion of him evolved and changed as the sisters’ did.

As in the original tale, there is an endless stream of suitors in and out of the palace, and surprisingly they were each given diverse (if slightly stereotyped) personalities. But the similarities to the old tale – the mother’s promise, the king of the underworld – aren’t what you expect. I was waiting, almost until the last page, for certain plot points to play out the way I thought they had to, but they never did. They were better.

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