Your NaNo Guide: Pinterest

I’m Here to Tell You To Waste Time

Kind of….

Pinterest is a great source for inspiration, so why not make a board for your NaNo novel? I’ve titled mine Writing – The Nutcracker and I fill it with anything that reminds me of my characters. Mine is full of nutcrackers, clips of the ballet, traditional Russian clothing, and research on 19th century ice skates. If you’re feeling extra determined you could even change the description of each pin, like “this is Claire” or “this would be Demyan.”

My Pinterest search history
My Pinterest search history

The great thing about Pinterest, is that you can pin anything from anywhere. Some of my pins I found just by searching Pinterest itself, some by going to google and tying in key words and doing a bit of research. But remember, Pinterest is for brain breaks and short rests. Don’t over do the rests. Keep noveling. I believe in you!

If you have a Pinterest board for your NaNo – or just for writing – send me a link!

Using Pinterest


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