Nightly NaNo Update: Day 11

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Tonight’s writing was more productive than I’ve managed in a while. It may be that I’m getting my muse back and over coming the dreaded second week, or it may be that I was inspired by my ice skating practice tonight (which included a ten year old half my height having to pick me up). Either way, I’m glad I was able to meet and exceed the word count goal today, rather than fall short as I have been lately.

It felt great to be able to just write, and I’ve been really getting to know my characters better, and I’m already jotting down things in my notebook which I need to change after NaNo when I have time. Have you done that yet? Or do you go back and fix it then?

I also had this inspiring conversation with a friend on twitter, which was started by this post:

Daily Questions:

  1. Have you had to jot down things that need to be fixed later?
  2. Or do you go back and fix it then?



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