Your NaNo Guide: Flub Word Word Count

A.K.A. What are compound words?

You need a lot of words, a lot, 50,000 to be exact. Now how can you get those without cheating? Easy, flub your word count.

Compound Words are Two Words:

Compound words can be written as two words, your writing software’s spell check may hate you, but you’ll have more words, so its a toss up.
Example: Cannot as Can not

Over Explain:

See what I did up there? I could have written, ‘your spell check will hate you’ but I added in ‘your writing software’s [spell check].” Be wordy, don’t be afraid to ramble, but if you can’t think of anything to say, don’t waste time trying to come up with something. Jump onto the next thing. You can also let your characters ramble, add in the monologue, you can always take it out before publishing (although, if you leave it in, theater students everywhere will love you for it (there are never enough monologues))

Repeat Yourself:

Another thing I just did, I repeated something I’d said before. No I don’t want you going and copying and pasting huge sections of your novel, but it doesn’t hurt to have two different characters say something. Think how much shorter Star Wars would be if we took out all those “may the force be with you”s and other variations of that phrase.

Give Characters Long Names:

I could just call Drosslemeyer by his name or as ‘Godfather’, but instead I refer to him as Herr Drosselmeyer or Godfather Drosselmeyer. Its longer, and sounds fancier. It’s like getting two words for the price of one!!

Donut worry; (4)


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