Nightly NaNo Update: Day 16

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 10.40.41 PMRecent Posts
The Chemo Cap: I made a hat for my father, since his hair has fallen out.
Flub Your Wordcount: Recommendations for getting to 50k

Recommendation: My blog was recommended by Stories by Sherry, and you should go check out her writing if you’ve got a while, its certainly worth the peek!
Reblog: Brickley Jules reblogged my post about widgets!

Today’s been an eventful day, and I haven’t even gotten to the writing part yet. Can I hold your attention for one moment longer to tell you a wonderful thing that happened to me today? No? Too bad, I’m in charge here. On my post about the Chemo Cap, I mentioned that our server tried to buy dinner for my father and I:

We went to a restaurant for dinner, and because of the Chemo he can’t eat much. So our server found out he was a chemo patient, and when my dad asked for the check she said there wasn’t going to be one. We were (understandably) confused, and she said she was going to cover it. My father and i started crying (I’m crying now while typing this), and even though we didn’t let her cover the bill (my father told her to donate the total to a charity) it still meant the world to us. Thank you, whomever you are.

I’ve beaten the week two struggles, and I’m coming out on top.


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