The Writing Crafter’s Book Club

As I’ve mentioned previously, I started a new book club over on Goodreads titled The Book Crafters. We’ll read two books a month, so one book every two weeks. I’ve made the decision that our first book will be Before Midnight and you should read it before December 1st if you’re joining us, but our next book you can vote on here!

I intend to create a folder for each book, and within the folder will be discussions and questions based off of my reading and things that I’ve found online, but you’re welcome to add your own questions and start your own discussions. The more the merrier! Not everything that I read will be included in the book club, and fear not, I will still continue posting my book reviews, this is just my way of branching out and trying something new, while hopefully opening room for discussion.

Not everything we read will be young adult or fantasy, but since those are my area of expertise, this is where the group will focus unless people come up with better ideas than what I have.

Let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to join me!!


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