Setting up a Book Club

I’ve had my book club – The Book Crafters on Goodreads – for several months, but I didn’t get around to actually doing anything with it until this week, because I was at home, by myself, trying not to cry and mope constantly. My a close friend has passed away and I needed distraction. School work wasn’t cutting it. And my social media was turning into a memorial. I needed distracted.

My best friend gave me an amazon gift card and told me to get a good book, anything to keep me occupied. I watched what I bought and was able to get three books, Heart of Ice, Da Vinci’s Tiger, and Wild Orchid. Now I had these books, and I knew I would enjoy them, but I knew I wouldn’t have anyone to talk about them with. Very rarely do my friends and I read the same thing. They like John Green, J.K. Rowling and whomever is topping the best-seller charts. I read things by authors my school librarian has never heard of. Does this make me a better reader? No. Of course not. I also enjoy J.K. Rowling and the occasional NY Times best seller, but my passion lies in the strange and whimsical. I love the thrill of introducing someone to a new book, but as far as actually getting them to read that book and talk about it with me I seem to fail.

I wanted people to talk to. I remembered my old book club, found it on my Goodreads, and threw myself in wholeheartedly. I set that for the remainder of the month my club would be reading Heart of Ice, made a discussion folder,  made a post on here, and waited. Suddenly I had three members in my book club. Myself, a personal friend, and someone I didn’t know. That made my day.

I’m having a lot of fun, largely by myself, getting the bookclub set up. I’m fully aware that most people won’t want to join this read along – I think the book is only available on Amazon and they didn’t have any warning – but I hope you join us at the beginning of next month for Da Vinci’s Tiger, and vote for what we should read in the second half of next month here.

The goal is to read two books a month; one the 1-15 and the other the 16 through the end of the month. Polls close one book before the time allotted for reading it. Meaning the poll to read the second February book, Feb2, will close at the end of January. The first March book, March1 will close halfway through February and so on and so forth.

The idea is to read a broad selection of books and to discuss them critically, through the eyes of authors. Each book will have a discussion folder, and in that folder will be several topics. A few will be for discussion of the book, divided by chapters (the longer the book the more of these) and spoilers for only the chapters included in the title or before will be allowed (example: if the title is Chapters 10-15 then spoilers for anything before chapter 15 is fair game). One will be titled I’m Finished! and discussion of the entire book is encouraged and allowed. Then there will be a few with titles like “Writing Impact” or “Analysis” or “Character Discussion” that are meant for discussion of how the material impacted you: notes on the author’s style, on characterization, and symbolism are allowed. Yes those may turn out to be a little like High School English class! Of course, you can join and read along even if you don’t want to participate in the author areas.

I’m still working through my grief, and now I’ve found something to throw myself into – my book club and reading these lovely books. Thank you.

If you have any questions please put them in comments!


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