Pinterest and Your Novel

I’ve previously covered Pinterest in my NaNo Guide series, but there I only had you setting up one or two boards. Well, if you’re a bit of a perfectionist (like me!) that wasn’t enough. So I’m here to introduce you to my latest endeavor: Pinterest Book Profile!

This may seem a little crazy, or like you’re overdoing it a little, but its already helping me a lot with getting back into working on my Tales of Aleinea Series. So how should you set it up? Clearly you should do what works best for you – if one board on your personal Pinterest is enough for you then stick with it! However, one benefit to a profile just for your book is that then you just pin things that are related to the book, and any potential fans are more likely to follow something that’s just what they’re looking for: your book (and maybe not that knitting pattern you saved for your niece’s baby blanket).

If your Pinterest is only for your book, you can also make it a lot more user-friendly. Since Tales of Aleinea is such a complex novel with lots of characters, places, and races I’ve created a board for each one. My main character has the most filled out board thus far:



Her best friend Arko also has a board, and her hometown Inger Xin. In case I stumble across something and think “that fits!” but I don’t know where exactly I want it yet, I’ve created a few boards for that too, my favorite being titled “Strange Creatures.”

And I’ve fallen in love with some of my boards, those for the Malda and Princess Myramor in particular. Just look at all the books and alchemy!

Another benefit is that I can follow only the Pinners and Boards that I’m interested in. On my personal Pinterest I’ve followed various family members and friends, as well as various librarians, knitters, crafters, etc. So I would have to hunt through that to find exactly what I wanted for my book.

If you didn’t want to juggle multiple Pinterest accounts, but still wanted access to boards for cooking, laughs, and whatever you could take advantage of “secret boards” for all that other stuff. That way it appears to the public that your page is neat and only your novel, but to your eyes (and whoever you’ve added to the board) there are dozens of other topics.

Do you use Pinterest for your novel?

Will this change how you use Pinterest?

Do you think one way or the other – one board or a whole profile – is easier?



4 thoughts on “Pinterest and Your Novel

  1. I have a personal and then a writing Pinterest. I wish more things would fix their apps like the Twitter App where you can have multiple accounts logged in and switch between them with a button click. Life would be so simple.

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    1. I thought of something else so I’m back. Maybe they see the fact that you can have boards as making up for that? In theory you could tell your readers what boards to follow, but thats still hectic. What would be REALLY nice is if you could group your boards. “Oh, here are my CRAFT boards and here are my CHARACTER boards” and just link to a group.

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