Book Photo Challenge: January 2015

tumblr_myl6s7iwg81rzheafo1_r1_1280So this month I decided to do Books and Cupcakes’ Book Photo Challenge (but I didn’t decide this until the twenty-first!). If you’re unfamiliar with the challenge, you can find more information here. I’ll probably do it again next month, it has a lot of great book and post ideas, but we’ll take it one month at a time.

I had a lot of fun, got to chat about some of my favorite books, and really had to think about what I was posting. Like she says on her blog, you never know what you’re going to pick and everyone interprets things differently. Sometimes I would pick a book and take the photo for it before deciding that I wanted to change and post something else instead. I really just learned to roll with it and learned a lot of new hashtags for books.

(A quick note: embeded Instagram posts can only be viewed if you view it on my blog not on the reader!)

I’ll admit that at first I really judged people for posting about Harry Potter, some people posted their Harry Potter books at least once a week, but I quickly figured out why: its so much easier. There’s the fans who will find your post, you have the books and they’re beautiful, you have plenty of merchandise to photograph, and simply everyone really loves it.

Neither of the Harry Potter posts I made this month were related to the challenge, but they quickly had more attention that my other posts by far.

The Challenge

Without further ado – or showing off my Harry Potter posts – I’ll continue onto the challenge and all the things that went into it!

21 Love/Hate relationship: This one was one of my first attempts and I really love how it turned out. The colors are perfect considering that this was before I learned that lighting = everything.

Today's #bookphotochallenge by #booksandcupcakes was "Unique Read." Mine is 'Ace! The Forgotten Story of the End of an Era' because of how unique the book itself is. I had to work hard to find it, because it's been out of print for years. But it was worth it, in the end, because it's a really, really good book (now my dream is to go to a Convention and get Spohie Aldred or Sylvester McCoy to sign it!) about my favorite companion. #acemcshane #seventhdoctor #sylvestermccoy #sophiealdred #marktucker #acetheforgottenstoryofthenedofanera #bookstagram #booklr #instabook #instabooks #bookphotography #books #book #doctorwho #classicdoctorwho #classicdoc #doctorwhocompanions #doctorwhocompanion #dalek #dorothymcshane

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23 Unique Read: This one I am not so pleased with. I took it at night using the light in my room, rather than opening the window blinds during the day to let in natural light. The colors weren’t so great and it had a lot of glare. I mostly included this to show off the fact that I had this book.

24 I would read this to my kids: I lied a little in the comment about the Hobbit. I probably would have used The Hobbit if my copy hadn’t been missing. Otherwise a pretty great photo, although again it was not taken with natural light and I wish I had tried harder to stop the cover from looking so blurry.

25 Would Recommend: Again, not good lighting. I’ll get there soon, I promise (before the end of this post, even!)

26 Old Favorite: I was showing off that I have a signed book, lets be honest here. My signed book collection is my pride and joy.

27 Borrowed this Book: Good lighting believe it or not, but the cover had a plastic sleeve on it and it caused a blur. I didn’t try hard enough to get rid of it.

28 Colorful Cover: Man I love this book. Unfortunately my Christmas tree lights (under my bed, yes I’m trash) messed with it a little.

29 On My Wishlist: I skipped this one. Shhh.

30 Free Picture: I went to Barnes and Noble.

31 Read this Month: The read for The Book Crafters.

Next Month

Next month I’m going to try a different read along, one by @CelineReads and @Seth.The.Reader. I just want to try something different – although I may try combining a little with Books and Cupcakes Leap Year February challenge. It will be a fun challenge for me to see if I can put the two together!

Finishing Notes

If you made it this far, I am proud of you. I don’t know if I could have made it this far because it takes a lot of scrolling to get past all those books. However, if you did, you’re in luck! Because I’m inviting you to do two things:

  1. Join my Book Club on Instagram and Goodreads
  2. Tell me your Instagram name in the comments and I’ll check it out!



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