Scott Hamilton and Friends

I had the pleasure of spending this evening at an event hosted by Scott Hamilton and Friends, a cancer support group run by the former olympic skater himself.

It was an amazing show, full of so much talent and so many figure skaters that I lost count!

The Instagram clip is my own footage, but this video is not (its also not from the show I was at), but it gives you an idea of how amazing everyone was and how excited I was to be there!

The Scott Cares foundation is a wonderful charity that does pretty much everything you can imagine relating to cancer treatment, research, and support, inspired by Scott’s personal struggle (prostate cancer and two brain tumors).

Figure skating is my passion (see this fun article I read the other day about why it’s the hardest sport in the world) and cancer is something that has touched my family – in fact I’m being tested next month to make sure I don’t have it! – so it meant a lot to know that so many people who are so famous care enough to take time out of their schedule to raise money for cancer.

Here’s a photo of me last December looking so stuffy in the Nutcracker on Ice:


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