I don’t usually review movies, but since I actually went and saw this I thought I might as well tell a bit about it.

So my friend texts me Friday night to ask if she can come over, and since she’s my best friend I naturally say ‘of course!’ When she gets to my house we get chatting and she says she’s interested in seeing Deadpool and asks if I am. I wasn’t. I’m not into comics or superheroes or foul language and gore, and I was perfectly content seeing only one R-rated movie in my whole life (The Battle of Five Armies Extended Edition). But my best friend loves comics so I said sure. So that’s the story of how my plans changed from spending an evening at home reading Harry Potter to standing in line at the box office to get tickets to Deadpool. It felt very strange handing over my ID to get into a movie.

This is the friend I went to the movie with. The photo is a few days after the movie when we went to the Titanic Museum.

The movie itself I couldn’t get into. I didn’t really feel for the main character even as he was given a classic, tragic backstory. He was being so stupid, thinking that whats-her-face (I can’t remember the love interest’s name) wouldn’t love him any more. I did like his love interest though, she was an interesting woman. Not someone I felt that I would hang around, and she wasn’t given much character other than ‘hot chick’ but nevertheless she seemed to be the one of the most intelligent people there. And unlike everyone else she didn’t sit around feeling sorry for herself, she just went on with life. To quote her ‘I’ve played a lot of roles, damsel in distress ain’t one of them.’

The X-Men were my favorite part of the movie and literally the only thing I know about X-Men is that my BFF loves them more than life itself and that merch is IMPOSSIBLE to find. For her birthday I got her Storm and Magneto funko pops and she almost cried (I started squealing in Barnes and Noble when I realized that they had X-Men and then I gave them to her two weeks early because thats how excited I was to have found them for her). Negasonic Teenage Warhead was definitely my favorite character, I’ve even embedded a clip (just a bit of cursing and punching, nothing too graphic). Although, if you would like something more graphic check out the longer version of the clip on youtube.

Unfortunately my BFF tells me that in the comics Negasonic is a villain. Or not an X-Man. Or something. These movies sure messed everything up. Colossus – or as I called him ‘Shiny’ –  was also hilarious and a total gentleman. According to my friend the fact that he has a Russian accent is a BIG DEAL. Was it worth going to see the movie just for the X-Men? Maybe. (update: yes) I’ll have a better idea after I  watch the movies with her (which we’re doing soon and she’s very excited).

I don’t want you to read this review and think I look down on people who enjoy dirty jokes and boobs, but its not my thing and I almost wish I had stayed at home to read Harry Potter. Why almost? Because I got to spend an evening with my very best friend and for that ladies and gentlemen I would watch Deadpool 1000 times.

(although I am probably going to get it once it comes out on DVD just for the X-Men)


9 thoughts on “Deadpool

    1. It was definitely worth it to hang out with my friend (and because of how much I liked the Xmen she’s bringing the movies over Friday to ‘get me started’ in the fandom). I liked parts of the movie, but some parts seemed tasteless to me. But thats pretty true to Deadpool!


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