Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter, #3)Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

Rating: 5 of 5 stars
Author: JK Rowling
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Genre: Modern-fantasy, Fantasy, YA
Series: Book 3 of Harry Potter

This review contains no spoilers.

You know what makes me very happy? The thought of a Remus Lupin Funko Pop. Unfortunately he’s about as available as the Seventh Doctor, which means only though commissions. Oh well, maybe one day. For now I can admire this person’s creation. Or maybe I’ll make one myself, you can get DIY Funko bases after all, and I’m fairly handy with paint and clay.


This, my friends, is my review of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, AKA the Book of Remus Lupin. I just really love Lupin, and I had a mini crisis when I realized that David Thewlis plays the evil villain in the Dinotopia mini-series. I actually cried and it was more emotional than when I realized that “Will Turner looks like Legolas!” (child me did not notice that people tended to be in more than one movie) (child me also was mad at ‘the mean Lord of the Rings guy for stealing giant spiders from the Harry Potter lady’). 

I think Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is my all-time favorite Harry Potter book, and not just because of Lupin. I love it because its the last book in the series before Voldemort comes back, and the only one that doesn’t have the Dark Lord as the main antagonist (Peter and Sirius being more important for once) and it is the first where we really start to see more of the Wizarding World than just Hogwarts and – while I do love Hogwarts – its a nice change.

My biggest problem with this book is the fact that we’ve never heard mention before of Hogsmeade. Harry doesn’t even say something in books one and two about Fred and George being gone or bringing stuff back? Slightly unbelievable, but then again, Harry isn’t the most perspective.


Heres a link to a really cool buzzfeed article that I found about PoA.

Remus Lupin

Pottermore Page

18 Reasons Potterheads Love Remus Lupin

I think one of the best, possibly unspoken things about J.K. Rowling is her ability to make us care about something without even knowing it. As you likely know, Lupin is a metaphor for HIV and AIDs. When I was ten, I didn’t care about STIs and I didn’t know what they were. But I cared about Lupin. I cared about him a lot (too much (still do)). I think that’s the magic of JK Rowling’s writings.

As for Lupin himself, the one thing that struck me as the most heart-wrenching/feels-inducing wasn’t his reunion with Sirius, it was the scene with Harry and the Boggart. Imagine what must have been going through his head in terms of the fact that this was James’ son, and fear over how many more questions Harry was going to ask. Luckily he didn’t ask too much, but it still must have brought it all back to the surface. And then there’s Lupin’s reaction to Harry knowing about Butterbeer. I’ve always wondered why he was so suspicious – if he could bring Butterbeer back to the castle then Ron and Hermione can – but as always tumblr had a theory. I’ve lost the post, but basically Lupin knows that this is James Potter – Prongs’ – son. Could he have gotten it in a legit way? Sure. Is that likely? No.

Peter Pettigrew

I include Peter to point out something cool I read the other day – although I can’t find the source at the moment. It said that the reason Fred and George never saw Peter on the map is because the map was designed only to show a person’s real name if you knew they were an animagus. That theory leaves the loophole that Harry sees Peter, and that would be because he might know – deep down in his subconscious – that Peter is an animagus. He might have known that as a baby and the map somehow thinks he still does.


Sirius Black

Pottermore Page

At least two of Sirius’ attacks – Halloween and the last one – take place on or near full moons. Coincidence? I think no.

Updates and Reading Progress

  • 02/27
    • marked as: currently-reading
    • page 50 15.0%
      • Hermione’s parents meant for her to get herself a present, I wonder what they would have done of they realized she was going to get a cat.
    • page 50 15.0%
      • “Everyone except Percy and Mrs Weasley snorted”
      • So what you’re saying is, Mr Weasley laughed at Percy?
    • page 59 18.0%
      • “Who d’you reckon he is?”
    • page 60 18.0%
      • Why does his trunk say Professor in fading letters? If his name was faded and ‘professor’ was new I’d understand, but……
    • page 68 21.0%
      • Ronald Weasley how DARE you doubt Remus Lupin!!
    • page 68 21.0%
      • Lupin just carries around slabs of chocolate? But looks like he rarely eats? What?
    • page 70 22.0%
      • “Oh it’s you is it”
      • Madame Pomfrey is so done with you Harry.
    • page 70 22.0%
      • The question is did Madame Pomfrey know Lupin while he was at school? I can’t remember.
  • 02/29
    • page 78 24.0%
      • I love Sir Cadogan. He should’ve been in the movies.
  • 03/01
    • page 81 25.0%
      • “you’re going to suffer but be very happy”
      • Certainly describes Ron’s life. Good job Harry!
    • page 81 25.0%
      • “a windfall, unexpected gold”
      • Ron says from Harry’s cup, which is true. Harry gets unexpected gold from the Triwizard Tournament and from Sirius’ death.
    • page 84 26.0%
      • McGonagall is so good offended that they barely noticed her turn into a cat. Drama queen.
    • page 97 30.0%
      • Somehow I think poisoning Trevor is against the rules.
      • Wait. I forgot. Hogwarts has no rules. Hogwarts needs no rules.
    • page 99 31.0%
    • page 102 32.0%
      • I wonder if Lupin has met Neville’s grandmother
    • page 116 36.0%
      • Imagine if Harry had told Lupin about the dog.
    • page 118 37.0%
      • There’s a full moon and it seems Sirius is about to attack. Coincidence? I think not.
    • page 121 38.0%
      • So he did attack on a full moon, but it wasn’t while Lupin was transformed.
    • page 125 39.0%
      • Molly telling Percy to follow Harry is the most Molly Weasley thing she’s ever done.
    • page 139 43.0%
      • ‘They planted the Whomping Willow the same year that I arrived at Hogwarts.’ Do you want him to realize you’re a werewolf Lupin?
    • page 140 44.0%
      • Lupin is being really obvious about a lot of things right now.
  • 03/02
    • page 182 57.0%
      • ‘Butterbeer!’ said Harry without thinking. ‘Yeah I like that stuff.’
        Lupin raised an eyebrow.
        ‘Oh – Ron and Hermione brought me some back from Hogsmeade,’ Harry lied quickly.
        ‘I see,’ said Lupin, though he still looked slightly suspicious.”
      • Lupin: This could be legit. But I doubt it. This is James Potter’s kid.
    • page 183 57.0%
      • Lupin knows that Sirius is going to get the Kiss, did it say in the newspaper or did he look it up? One of those things that he wishes he didn’t do, you know?
    • page 183 57.0%
      • No Harry, Lupin will not be very impressed if you say you snuck out. He would think you were just like your father though, so there’s that.
    • page 191 60.0%
      • Of course Lupin is in the crowd, Harry! He wouldn’t miss it for anything!
    • page 194 61.0%
      • Lupin ‘looked both shaken and pleased.’
      • I wonder if he saw the Stag. Harry didn’t but it said it looked enormous so it could have been.
    • page 213 67.0%
      • ‘Don’t expect me to cover up for you again, Harry’
      • Do you want to bet Lupin, because I think you’d lose.
    • page 240 75.0%
      • Hermione is becoming a Rule Breaker TM
    • marked as: read


11 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

  1. Damn this is a very thorough review. This has been my fave book of the series (so far) for all the reasons you mentioned and simply… the plot twist and everything. I loved that you also shared theories about details that I didn’t even notice myself (just shows how insightful you are). You go girl!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There is no appropriate ‘SCREAMING IN DELIGHT’ emoji so have this guy instead 😘
      I’m glad you liked my analysis, the best thing about reviewing is finding people who are interested in all the little details I notice and all the tiny connections I make. My mom gets tired of them after a while!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahahahaha 😂 I guess you could say that’s one of the things that separates a typical reader from an insightful one. You really do read READ the books girl. I wish I had as much patience 😅 Most of the times I just want to get to the ending as quickly as possible to get to the plot twist/happy ending and end with my misery of not knowing the fate of the characters.

        Liked by 1 person

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