Farewell to My Home

So I’ve decided to start a little thing called Writing Wednesday where I share something about my writing; a poem, an update on my book, an excerpt, writing tips, etc. I might not manage this every week, but I’m trying. Here’s today’s attempt, a poem called Farewell to My Home from my longest WIP the Maj’yk Series.


Up in the watchtower I see thee,

Standing among stone pillars, proud.

Fair and tall as yonder tree.

Your laughter is quite merry and loud.

Oh! Off to trouble I go!

Down the well worn paths of old!

Through the wind and rain and snow!

My life is not theirs to mold!

I leave behind the world I know,

From family and friends, from you I go!

For off to war I must go!

Of our strength the enemy must know!

Though chance of victory is slight!

Bloody battles there are to fight!

‘Till the enemy knows of our might!

And I return to Death’s night!


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