Fiction Friday

Starting next week I’m getting rid of Writing Wednesday – yes I know I only actually did it once – and starting a ‘Fiction Friday’ instead. Why? Because I don’t want to publish a Waiting On Wednesday and a Writing Wednesday on the same day. It will be the exact same as what I would have posted on Writing Wednesday, except that it will be posted on Friday to better fit with my blog schedule. Yes I do have a blog schedule, you can view it on its page here, but I will also list the days below.

Since Monday and Sunday have nothing specific planned, that will be the days that I publish most of my reviews, but I will be publishing reviews other days and I won’t be doing every challenge every week – I just don’t have enough time.


So far Monday has nothing planned, but it could have book reviews or other posts.

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by Broke and Bookish and the theme changes every week. My posts can be found in my Top Ten Tuesday Tag.

Waiting On Wednesday

This is a weekly meme held by Breaking the Spine where you showcase something that you are excited for that is soon to be released. Mine can be found in my Waiting On Wednesday Tag.

Tag Thursday

Every Thursday I post a tag game, whether I’ve been nominated to do one or not. If I’m nominated to do one, then I might post it on a different day, but all the Thursday tags can be found on my Tag Thursday Tag.

Fiction Friday

Before I started doing Waiting on Wednesday I had a Writing Wednesday, but now that I do that I made a Fiction Friday instead where I share something about my writing; a poem, an update on my book, an excerpt, writing tips, etc.

Stereotype Saturday

I explore different Stereotypes in fiction once a week.


So far Sunday has nothing planned, but it could have book reviews or other posts.


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