Hyrule Historia

The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule HistoriaThe Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia by Patrick Thorpe

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Publisher: Dark Horse
Genre: Gaming

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I really love Zelda and I always have. The first game I ever played was The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker on my brother’s GameBoy Color and my favorite thing was to steal items from the shop so the shopkeeper would chase me (then I saved and discovered he would then chase me every time I entered the shop. Opps). Even though I had a Gameboy Advance I never played any of the Zelda games made for it and my next was The Phantom Hourglass. After that I was hooked. I played Spirt Tracks, when I got a Wii I played Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword (Wii games don’t hook me like DS games though, so I never finished either of them). I wouldn’t have even cared about getting a 3DS if it weren’t for Ocarina of Time 3D and Professor Layton. I’ve also played Majora’s Mask 3D and A Link Between Worlds. I never got a WiiU or played any of those games. The only Manga I’ve ever read is the Legend of Zelda comics. I even looked up the frankly terrible

So now that my rant about how much I love The Legend of Zelda I’ll get onto actually reviewing the book. Full disclaimer: I’ve always loved behind the scenes stuff, storyboards, etc. I’m a huge nut for that kind of thing, and since I someday plan on making a Princess Zelda cosplay, this book is perfect because it has sketches and pictures of almost all of her outfits. It also includes a lot of facts that I didn’t know, some of my favorites I’ve listed below in the Reading Progress and Updates part.

The history section itself is only a about a third of the book, the rest is concept art and a comic, and thats probably the best part. It tells the chronology of the games and explains that there are actually three alternative universes because of a split after Ocarina of Time.

Buzzfeed has a great timeline.


So if you’re a huge Zelda fan like myself you’ll really enjoy this book. Even if you just like Zelda a little I think it might be worth a read-though once or twice (or keep it on your shelf for a rainy day).

Reading Progress and Updates

  • 03/09 marked as: to-read
    • marked as: currently-reading
    • page 2 0.0%
      • That guy looks like a nerd. I like him already.
    • page 3 1.0%
      • Impa comes from ‘impart’!? How did I never realize that!!??
    • page 11 4.0%
      • “The harp in Skyward Sword looks a lot like Sheik’s harp in Ocarina of Time. Could it be the same one…?”
      • Since you pointed it out, I’m guessing yes.
    • page 23 8.0%
      • Who sat at a board meeting and said, “You know that this game needs? Hands coming out of toilets.”?
    • page 29 10.0%
      • The shop keepers are sometimes the best part of Zelda.
    • page 42 15.0%
      • It’s not Zelda without a huge tree
    • page 67 24.0%
      • Finally, the actual history section!
    • marked as: read

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