Sign the Instagram Petition

Protect small bloggers! Protect participants of ANY sort of online community who are not well known!

Sign the petition against Instagram changing their newsfeed order from chronological to most popular & share this post! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜€Β This entire section is a link to the petition so just click!Β 

Why is this important?

If Instagram filters our feeds so that the most popular things show first it will limit the amount of growth available to most smaller feeds.

It will also affect how much of your friends feeds you are seeing. For example: if you follow 20 personal friends most of who probably have a hundred or so followers, a 15 celebrities who have hundreds of thousands of followers, and a few lifestyle/bookstagram/beauty people who have several thousand followers what will you see first? Not your close and personal friends, that’s for sure. You might miss something important!

Please sign the petitionΒ to keep Instagram chronological.


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