Ebook or Paper?

I almost put this in my FAQ, but then I decided that I couldn’t do it enough justice there, because I have a lot to tell (basically what I’m saying, is that I’m a very opinionated person).


  • General
    • Portability: I can carry it almost anywhere and I can shove it into anything: school bag, purse, I can take thirty books on a trip, etc.
    • Libraries: I can get on the library as soon as I need the book and its usually available. Or I can go to ‘items in your wishlist that are available’ and down load it right then and there.
    • Cost: Ebooks are generally cheaper and oftentimes the author is paid more (percentage wise), because theres less/no manufacturing cost.
      • Freebies: Some books – particularly classics – you can get for free legally. I do not condone illegally downloading books.
    • Selection: You have access to a lot more than just what’s on the shelf at your local bookstore.
      • Ease: I can get online and buy or borrow an ebook at anytime. Theres no long wait for my next chance to go to the bookstore or library.
      • Self Published: There are a lot of self published authors you can access much more easily on places like amazon.
  • Kindle Paperwhite
    • Lighting: It’s not backlit, so I can read it in broad daylight, just like a book. But it can be light up if I need to read in the dark.
  • Kindle App
    • Lighting: Its backlit like any iPhone, which is great

Physical Books:

  • Appearance 
    • Photography: As an avid bookstagrammer, I have to say that its just easier to take photos of non-ebooks.
    • Shelves: I really love my bookshelves. They look so cool.
  • Buying
    • Libraries: Just great places to visit tbh.
    • Used Bookstores: Its so much fun to find unexpected treasures in bookstores. If it weren’t for used bookstores, I wouldn’t have the History of Middle Earth series.
    • Bookstores: It really gives you a feel for whats in, and theres usually friendly staff on hand to help with any questions, and they have lots of author events.
  • Social
    • Lending: There’s nothing better than handing a book to a friend for them to read.
    • Making Friends: We’ve all seen someone in public reading our favorite book, right? If they’re reading it as an ebook you’d have to approach them and ask ‘what are you reading’ before fangirling. If they have the book in their hands you can just run up and start gushing.


So which do I prefer? I don’t know. I’m indecisive (and opinionated, strange combination, I know).


6 thoughts on “Ebook or Paper?

  1. I prefer physical books for home. Since I tend to knit at things like doctor’s appointments- I don’t really need to take a book, but I do prefer knitting patterns to be in digital format. But when suitcase space is at a premium- I definitely want ebooks.

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      1. I have a Samsung phone. If I need to make corrections or notes- I can take a snapshot of the pattern section and write my notes directly on the pic. I always lose my physical patterns, so digital is better for me.

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        1. From Freshman to Junior year of high school I was required to do all my school work on an iPad and I learned to hate writing on tablets and phones. But I’m glad it works for you!


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