Fighting Princess

Did I pick a trope just so I can talk about Skeik? Yesssssssss.

Today’s trope is the Fighting or Badass princess. This girl can slay her own dragons and fight her own battles and is just generally badass. She often toes the line into Mary Sue territory though, with powers far outside what she ought to have.

Princess Zelda

Otherwise known as Sheik, many of Zelda’s reincarnations aren’t happy to sit back and let Link do all the fighting or get all the credit. Even the girly princess in Spirt Tracks, is willing to fight once she sees she has to. Not to mention, Link wouldn’t have know he needed to save the day without her.

Eowyn from The Lord of the Rings

When I was a kid I told everyone who would listen that when I grew up I wanted to be like Eowyn. If that didn’t work out I at least wanted to be like Miranda Otto who played her. The featured photo is me in an Eowyn cosplay while ice skating.


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