Pokemon X & Y

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Game Review

I am one of those people who has both Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. I wouldn’t have both if it weren’t for my recent hospital stay, but when I needed something to occupy myself I asked for my grandfather to get me Y (I bought X back when the games first came out).

I really love Pokemon, and I think the main advantage of X & Y over the earlier games is the Experience Share, which if I remember correctly is a new feature. Either way, I beat X years ago, but while replaying Y I found myself desperate to get to the point where I was given the experience share so that I would have something to do.

Another great updateย is character customizations. I’m just ‘girly’ or ‘creative’ enough to love having the chance to dress up my character in all the different outfits that you can buy. Since beating X I’ve bought nearly all the clothes I possibly can and make my character try on some of the craziest combinations.

I also love the Mega Evolutions. I really didn’t play much Pokemon before X & Y came out, but I fell in love with the idea of Mega Evolutions as soon as I realized what it meant. But it certainly adds a new level of excitement and I loved having to find all of the Mega Stones.

Overall the game is just spectacular and the graphics are amazing. I rarely play games in 3D mode because I’m sensitive to such things, but when I do it never fails to impress and make me feel as though I’m living in the game (which is why we play, after all).

X or Y?

This is a hard question for me to answer but I feel as though I should address it because it will be asked. My answer may not satisfy because I’m going to have to say that theres not enough of a difference for me to make a decision. It really depends on what Legendary Pokemon you want, because there are so few other exclusive Pokemon that you shouldn’t make too much of a decision based on them.

Friend Me

Friend me on Pokemon’s website! My username is BookKitty

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I’ve also decided to do the Pokemon Tag by Renae Collects.

  • What is your favorite Pokemon Type?
    • I like Dragon type
  • What is your favorite region?
    • Kalos
    • Its the region I’ve spent the most time in and the one that I can most easily find my way around.
  • Which Pokemon games do you own?
    • Pokemon White
    • Pokemon X
    • Pokemon Y
    • Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
  • In the games, which gender do you normally play as?
    • Female
  • Do you watch the anime?
    • I don’t watch a ton of it and I’ve never really kept up with it but I love watching it online when I have time.
  • How many seen in the PokeDex of your latest game?
    • X
    • Y
    • Alpha Sapphire
  • In that game, how many owned in the PokeDex?
    • X
    • Y
    • Alpha Sapphire
  • Do you even like Pokemon?
    • I love it.
  • Do you collect the trading cards?
    • No.
    • The only trading card game I ever got into was Bella Sara
  • If you have the trading cards, do you play the game or just collect?
    • N/A
  • Do you draw Pokemon?
    • No
  • What is your favorite Pokemon?
    • Piplup
    • My first game was Pokemon Pearl and Piplup was my first Pokemon.
  • What is your second favorite?
    • Fennekin
  • What is your favorite legendary?
    • Diancie
  • What is your second favorite?
    • Can I count the Cosplay Pikachu from Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire?
  • Do you know what number 493 in the national dex is?
    • No. Should I?
  • Would you rather have a Meowth or a Growlithe?
    • Growlithe
    • It makes me think of the tiger in Aladdin and I’ve always loved Princess Jasmine.
  • Do any of your relatives play Pokemon?
    • No. I’ve tried to get my cousins interested, but they’re just not.
  • How often do you think about Pokemon?
    • When I have time to play it.
  • Do you hide the fact that you like Pokemon from your real life friends?
    • Absolutely not!
    • This turned out to be rather embarrassing because I had a crush on a boy once… and named one of my Pokemon after him… and my BFF saw it… and won’t let me live it down.
  • What pets do you have that resemble Pokemon?
    • My cats
  • What Pokemon do you hate the most?
    • I don’t really hate any of the Pokemon! Ah! This is hard. I’m going to pass on this because I can’t think of any at the moment.
  • Which Eeveelution do you like the best?
    • I love Eevee the most. To me it symbolizes potential.
  • Which Castform form is the best?
    • Snowy
  • Which Deoxys form is the best?
    • Until I started answering this question I didn’t know that there was more than one form for Deoxys, so I had to google it and I decided that I like the normal one best.
  • Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres?
    • Articuno
  • Lugia or Ho-Oh?
    • Ho-Oh
    • It makes me think of a Phoenix
  • Which two people will you tag?
    • Anyone who wants to do this. I honestly don’t know whos seen Pokemon and who hasn’t.


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