The Kingdom of Little Wounds

The Kingdom of Little WoundsThe Kingdom of Little Wounds by Susann Cokal

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Genre: YA, Adult, Historical Fiction,
Publisher: Candlewick
Series: None
Purchase: Book Depository

This review contains no spoilers.

Do you ever read a book and think, if only the author had left off the first half and envision yourself carefully taking a knife and slicing off the beginning before giving it to someone? If so you’ll know exactly how I feel about The Kingdom of Little Wounds. The first half was a bit slow and I almost would have given it a two star rating, but then I pushed through and got to the last part and I’m glad I did! If the entire book had been like the end, it would have ranked five stars easily.

Well, except for one thing: Sex. This book was in the teen section of Barnes and Noble, but I would have shelved it in the adult section. I’ve read A Song of Ice and Fire and this book would be good for fans of that series. There’s murder, death, poisoning, disease, rape/assault, a man with jewels sewn into a certain part of his body, etc. To quote the author its a ‘fairytale about syphilis.’Its a very dark and gothic read, and the short fairytales that are interspersed throughout and the character Ava’s personal narrations serve to set this apart from traditional ‘happily ever after’ fairytales. There is a lot more realism than is found in most of today’s teen books, and it was rather reminiscent of Grimms Fairytales. 

This is also one of those books where I will insist that you read the epilogue and author notes. Usually I read them, but I don’t always insist that you do the same. For this book, however, I insist that if you manage to read it in full you need to read the author’s notes. It added a great deal and introduced the author as someone who is funny and well researched.

Fun Science Fact: In the book there is a scientific event that is actually fascinating. A new ‘star’ was born, according to the characters, but in actuality it was a star going supernova. Known as Tycho’s Supernova it had a huge impact on astronomy across the globe. Remember this was during a time where the heavens were supposed to be perfect and unchanging and were used for predictions in many cultures.

Who Would Enjoy This Book: Fans of Game of Thrones would love this, as I’ve already noted. It is a dense read – it took me over a month! – and because of the subject matter I recommend it for mature teens and adults.

This Instagram photo is my most popular to date – over 150 notes – and I can’t for the life of me decide why (but hey, I’m not complaining!).


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