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Apparently I just don’t learn, even after my last three movie marathon attempts failed I tried again, this time agreeing to watch the X Men movies with my best friend (who is a huge X-Men fanatic). The only reason I agreed to was because of how much I liked Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Deadpool (you can see my review of it here).

(I was told that we ‘don’t talk about prof X’s eyebrows’)

I’m going to lump review X-Men, X-2, and X-Men: Last Stand, which tend to be called ‘The X-Men Trilogy’ or ‘The Age of Patrick Stewart.’

I liked them a lot more than I expected to, actually. I was really only watching them because my friend talks about X-Men so often and I knew I had a better chance of getting through the movies than any of the comics (I simply have a hard time reading them). It seemed to surprise a lot of my friends that I hadn’t already seen the X-Men movies.

I didn’t really get into Wolverine, not as much as everyone else must have for him to have warranted having so many movies of his own. He wasn’t horrible, but I don’t see why he needed his own movie is all (although I hear Gambit is in one of the movies, so I may watch them (I’ve since watched some of the Animated Series and I liked him)). He also took his shirt off. A lot.

I liked Storm a lot, although her hair in the first two movies really made me think of Lady GaGa. The Last Stand had the best wig (although my friend says a lot of people don’t like it because its SILVER instead of WHITE like it is in the comics (for the record she likes it)).

Xavier was great, of course. Patrick Stewart always is great no matter what he does. (And I finally understand the ‘McAvoy or Stewart’ joke from Deadpool!)

Sir Ian Kckellen plays a great villain, although Magneto himself confuses me. He hates Hitler and wants to prevent the mutants from being massacred, but basically turns into a Hitler-figure himself (toward humans).

Overall the movies were really enjoyable and I’d recommend them to anyone who hasn’t seen them. Even if you have already seen them you should watch them again (doubly so if you’re planning to go see Deadpool because otherwise you will miss half the jokes). In fact, I am almost tempted to buy Deadpool once its released just so I can watch it again and get all the jokes this time (well, all the X-Men jokes. I doubt I’ll ever get all the sex ones).

The plot was well done, too. Even my friend agrees that ‘even though its not the comics its not bad.’

Feel free to chat about the movies with me below in the comments, that is the purpose of these posts after all!


I was looking for X-Men on iBooks and it came up with a completely different book.

This was a thing that happened. My friend couldn’t believe that I made the edit myself.

When I posted this, we were watching the first movie and Logan had just been thrown out the window which I thought was pretty hilarious.

This was in The Last Stand, when Magneto steals the bridge and I’m 99% sure its Zelda (its about the right time for the original Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask, isn’t it?)

I won’t tell you what scene this was because I hate to spoil it for you, but if you’ve seen The Last Stand I’m sure you already know.

I get fed-up pretty easily. Speaking of which, did you hear that Fed-Ex and UPS are merging? They’re going to call it Fed-Up.

I mean really, Xavier?


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