Batman vs Superman

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The best thing about this review is that I won’t tell you how this is or isn’t like the comics or the other Batman or Superman movies because I have no idea what I’m talking about. I’ve seen two Batman movies and those weird Scooby-Doo crossover episodes.

The same friend that took me to see Deadpool (see my review here) and that watched the X-Men films (see my review here) with me decided to brave taking me to Batman vs Superman. I haven’t decided if she regrets any of those things yet. On the bright side, when we were waiting in line to buy popcorn (which ended up some of the grossest popcorn I’ve ever had in my life) she said, “I’m glad I took you to Deadpool. You’re much more willing to see Superhero movies now.” We are also planning on going to X-Men Apocalypse and Civil War together…. as soon as I see a few more Marvel Movies…..

I had mixed feelings when I left. On the one hand, it was a decently written storyline and I didn’t fall asleep. On the other hand, it may have had the wrong protagonist.

As I mentioned previously I’ve never seen a Superman movie and my knowledge of Batman comes from the 1960s movie (and the Scooby-Doo crossovers), the 1940s black and white serial, and the one with Liam Neeson because my mom loves him (I actually thought this was the same Batman as that movie until almost three days after I saw Batman vs Superman. Oops.). I go to see superhero movies for two reasons: the jokes or my best friend wants to. If there were very many jokes I blinked and missed them. My friend missed them too.

The movie itself wasn’t very interesting, a large portion of it was building up to the final sight scene (which was kind of anti-climatic and short), and when Wonder Woman did finally show up in costume my friend and I were the only ones in the theater to react. I think everyone else was already asleep.

Oh, and I don’t consider this a spoiler because apparently everyone else knew this before they went to the movie. It’s called “Dawn of Justice” because its about why the formed the Justice League. I had an epiphany mid-credits and thought I was brilliant. My friend couldn’t believe I hadn’t figured it out sooner.

So if you like Batman and Superman you should totally go see it (who am I kidding, you probably already have). If not this is one I’d say to wait for on DVD. Or not see it at all. Although, if there’s going to be a Justice League movie you might want to see this first. Or look up the plot online (it would be about a paragraph long because that is how much of the movie isn’t just angst and background). Oh, and see Man of Steel before you go. I’m told that makes the movie much easier to understand. To put it into perceptive: I’d like to buy Deadpool once it’s out on DVD so I can see the X-Men again, I won’t be buying this.

I’d love to know what you guys thought of the movie though. It wasn’t terrible. I just don’t think I’d want to see it again. I think I’m more of a Marvel fan, although that might just be because my best friend is also more of a Marvel fan and therefore that’s what she encourages me to watch. Its also more fun to go to Marvel movies with her, because its kind of like going to see The Hobbit with me: she knows all that backstories and “it should have been like this” that I love hearing.

Please do me a favor and let me know what to do. Even if the poll is closed, comment below. Thanks!

Featured Image:

The movie poster itself is really dramatic. It makes me think of when two kids start hanging things up on the fridge (or wall or whatever) and stick their work over each other’s in an attempt to be the one everyone notices and to drown out the other.

And that is the movie in a nutshell.

I’m not sure why it says 2015. Its not 2015.


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