Prom 2016

I just got home from my prom, which is why I’m posting today’s Stereotype Saturday a bit late. Its about all the assumptions surrounding prom, and as someone who’s been to two proms and several other assorted school dances I’d like to set them straight.

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This is my best friend and I. I’m the blonde in the vintage green dress – the theme was Red Carpet Romance – my bestie is the rough and tumble girl wearing make-up for the first time since our last prom.

I made our corsages and altered my dress (it used to be a wedding dress). You can find more information about all of that craftiness on Crafting On Pins and Needles. This was honestly one of the best nights of my life. I had dinner with my best friend and we talked about books and comics, then we went to prom and I danced until my shoes hurt and then I took them off and danced some more.

Now for the Stereotype Saturday Part

Prom is Expensive

It certainly doesn’t need to be. Most schools provide second-hand dresses to girls if you ask (and if you have a nice dress consider donating it!) and second-hand shops have great selection. The dresses I wore to my proms were picked up second hand: Junior Year I wore one I got for $150 at a consignment sale and Senior Year’s dress was an altered wedding dress that I picked up for $75 (the supplies to alter it were less than $25).

Prom is for Straight Kids

There is a lot of beliefs on TV (and unfortunately in real life!) that only straight kids do/should go to prom. In fact, this is so widely believed that in many areas the GSA (Gay-Straight-Alliance) holds their own ‘diversity prom’ specifically targeted at letting non-straight couples go to a friendly and inclusive dance. Recently there was an Anti-Gay group that tried to stop a gay prom, but ended up raising $25,000 for them (read the article here).

However, I was honored to be at a prom with lots of queer and non-conforming students: that’s just the makeup of my school. They were all welcomed with open arms by the straight population, and everyone seemed to have an absolute blast.

Prom is Life-Changing

Its really just a dance guys. Its lovely, but not life changing.

Prom is Romantic 

I had a date at my prom last year. We danced, we laughed, we had a blast. But was it ‘romantic’? I’m not sure. To me it felt like any other time that I spent with my boyfriend, except that this time I was dressed like a princess (literally, my principal told me I looked like Grace Kelley).

He/She Cleans up Nice

You don’t recognize the person because they are literally too beautiful. In the music video for You Belong With Me, Taylor Swift takes off her glasses and becomes the most beautiful person at the prom.

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