The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Media Monday
Movie Review
Contains Spoilers

Like with last week’s Media Monday, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I feel like I was the last person on the planet (and definitely the last MCU fan) to watch Age of Ultron. This will also include spoilers so if you’ve for some reason not seen it or had it spoiled you should probably leave now. There’s also a reference to the end of The Force Awakens.

On that note, my friend was very disappointed that I knew about Quicksilver’s fate, because she apparently wanted to do to me what I did to her when Han died in The Force Awakens (because I saw it before she did): Laugh (I wish you could have seen her face). However, unlike her in Star Wars, I knew that Pietro was going to die so she didn’t get the pleasure. In fact I giggled a little at his last words and the look on Hawkeyes face. It was almost a look of “quick little bastard, I was supposed to be the one to kill you.” To quote a text I sent my friend, “I laugh in the face of death. You know me. Why didn’t you see that coming?”

I wasn’t really all that into Quicksilver? Everyone is so upset about his death and I was rather unbothered? Maybe because I saw Days of Future Past first and I loved Evan Peters Quicksilver so much that this one couldn’t compare. I was sad that he died because he could have been a good character, he just wasn’t all that developed. Or maybe my subconscious – knowing that he was going to die – didn’t let me get attached.

I was really confused by most of what was going on. Scarlet Witch’s power seemed to be “doing whatever the heck she wants” (my Marvel friend who didn’t come says that her power is probability and her brother’s is metabolism and she thinks that the creators just opened a dictionary and grabbed random words and made them superpowers) and Vision was just not even physically possible (yes I am aware this is fiction, but that was a stretch). I still can’t believe that Tony thought the defense thing was a good idea and I always thought Doctor Banner was too smart to go along with something like that.

Its the Avengers. There’s no stopping cold justice.

Really though. To quote Colossus (although he was referring to Deadpool), “He is like a child with guns.”

Have you seen it? Because I can’t be the only person who thought that.

The first time they said that I started laughing.

No one is ever gonna let him live down that line. Colossus would approve though. #TeamLanguage all the way. (Mo is the friend that watched it with me)

I’ve seen them compared to Dash and Violet from The Incredibles and I think that’s hilarious.

It also, so I am told, moves for Cap in the comics. I think he just realized that picking it up might not be such a hot idea after all and pretended he couldn’t pick it up.

Can anyone get me conformation on this? Because really, how many guys are there running around messing with Mutants? Oh, I’m sorry, Enhanceds.

This is, in my opinion, one of the most annoying tropes ever. She’s still a person even if she can’t have kids, we just tend to think that all women should and women are taught by media that its bad to be sterile. I’m not even bothered by the love story, I’m just bothered by this.

Mo is my friend by the way, and this was our discussion after Ultron says he’s gonna kill everyone on the planet except apparently the twins.

More fictional characters need to listen to Cap.

I loved Hawkeye to begin with, but this movie made me like him ten times more. It really fleshed out his character. And Auntie Nat gave me feels (and they were gonna name their kid after her!! (the little traitor)).


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