Tag Thursday: Totally Didn’t

This week’s tag Thursday is the Totally didn’t tag by ReadLikeWildFire. It’s a chance to express some (possibly unpopular) opinions. Remember that these are my personal opinions and I respect yours and expect the same of you, even if we differ.

Totally didn’t need to have a sequel/sequels.

Twilight by Stephane Meyer

I honestly kind of liked the first book and I did like the idea of it to an extent, but the rest of the series – book two in particular – was just so awful.

Totally didn’t need to have more than one point of view.

A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin

I didn’t mind that there were multiple POVs, but the issue was how I only cared for about three of the characters, and the rest just annoyed me. And it was hard to track who was who and what was what, and that’s coming from someone who enjoys The Silmarillion. Also: no one got any attention until they were about to die.

Totally didn’t need to change cover art through the middle of a series.

The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

Does it count if the drastically changed the cover from the Hardcover to the Paperback? Because I honestly hate the paperback cover for this book.

Totally didn’t need a love triangle.

Every book ever.

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Honestly it was so forced, I felt, and Edward was an unhealthy choice (although, by the end, they both kind of were and Jacob ending up with Nessie was just plain creepy). Lets be real, Edward stalked her. That’s creepy.

Totally didn’t need this book to be included in this series.

Nothing specific, but a lot of anthologies seem to be nothing but fan-service and could do with being left out.

Totally didn’t need a cliffhanger.

The Hunger Games by Susanne Collins

They all end in cliffhangers!! Even the last one! Its just so frustratingly open-ended and the last book felt really rushed (and I hear the last movie is terrible, although, I’ve only seen the first one).

Totally didn’t need to have just one point of view.

The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson

I really feel as though this book could have done with more POVs.

Totally didn’t need that much hype.

The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

I heard so much about this series, that when I picked it up it just seemed mediocre. I think the hype killed it for me, because I was expecting it to be the best book I’ve ever read, but it was just…. okay. It was good, but I was so disappointed that I ended up not finishing it.

Totally didn’t need a relative book reference. (Eg, For example: Hunger Games fan would love Divergent.)

Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson

Its always listed next to something whenever I see it, and it’s never the same thing. But I think think series is strong enough to stand completely on its own.

Totally didn’t deserve my time.

After the Snow by  S.D. Crocket 

I had to read this a while ago for a pre-reads club I got involved in at my local library and I remember hating every second of it. I actually gave it to my mom and got her to read it so I wouldn’t have to, but so I would still know enough to write the review.


3 thoughts on “Tag Thursday: Totally Didn’t

  1. I *totally* agree with you about Twilight- the first one was good- well as good as a book about sparkly vampires could’ve been- I rated it 3*- but I hated the ending and the series got progressively more awful. And yup it didn’t need a love triangle. and yup edward was a creepy stalker. I think that’s a fair point about GOT- I definitely didn’t like quite a few of the perspectives- though I think it’s good to have the kind of scope it has. And I totally need to give the Simarlion another go- I remember loving it when I was little but not finishing it for some reason :/

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