This week’s Fiction Friday is a poem I wrote for a book I’ve been working on for several years. The main character is Luminia, and its interesting because she started as just a character in the poem (the rough draft of which I wrote while bored one day in math class), but developed into a main character in Aleinean (the world my story is based in) history. It’s also the longest poem I’ve ever written and I’ve since turned it into a short story.

The story is high fantasy, so there is a lot of talk of magic and gods and mythology.

Every night the sun went down,
And as it went she came around.
Around, around, and to her room,
Always wondering of the doom.

For every night Luminia hid away,
Doors locked and closed ’till break of day.
But haunted she was in her sleep,
By a garden whose flowers earn their keep.

More beautiful than any on land or sea,
Towered above by fair silver Tree.
And in her nighttime wandering,
She dreamt those blossoms in Tree did sing.

But kept she was in her room,
For her father feared an unknown doom.
‘Why? Why? Why?’ She cried.
Yet never once ’till fateful day escape she tried.

For stole her heart did a man of old,
For he was kind, and yet bold.
He crept into her beautiful soul,
For first he saw her on patrol.

Kind Evender, nephew of Alei’nea’s King
Of whom the birds did sing.
For sun was warm,
In the calm before the storm.

Their love forbidden
It ’twas kept hidden.
And one night as she retired to her room,
Silently lamenting her unknown doom,

Climbed up the ivy wall did he,
Silently creeping tree to tree.
Agile as a practiced cat,
And lithe as an acrobat.

Flung open wide,
the windows pried.
For the first time she saw the moon.
The moon the moon, the glorious moon!

A diamond sat upon white silk,
On a blanket of sapphire ilk,
It shone with the beauty of the Heavenly.
There she stood, breathlessly.

When touched by pure moonlight,
She glowed with all of Anla’s might.
Within her room she stood, the beauty of the world.
Her eyes were most lovely, her locks perfectly curled.

At that moment she knew,
For all at once the world was new.
For her true parents did not reside this place.
They were above and around, in every creature’s face.

Anla, father to her and Lord of Woodland creatures.
His dark eyes her prominent feature.
Her mother Manrees.
Lady of the flowers and trees,

Bestower of Luminia’s dark black tresses,
Ruler of all fair princesses.
And with Anla she had gifted her beloved,
Their daughter who loved and was loved,

To an Alei’nean Lord and Sage’s home,
Where Tyzer raised her as his own.
He had not known
The child was not his and his wife’s own.

Until the babe, touched by moonlight,
Shone with both her parents might.
Long ago he had hid her away,

At night in her room she stayed.
Unknowing of her most noble line,
She dwelled there for a time.
Until that fateful night of old,

When she stepped into the cold,
Pale Moon Beauty seen
Surrounded by the flower’s green.
With her love she walked the gardens of her mortal parents,

And in the moonlight flowers gifted her with raiments.
Knowing now her father’s worry
Yet feeling free and in no hurry.
For loved was she by both men,

Anla and Tizer she loved the same but then,
In the house of one she could dwell forever,
But in the other, time was treasure.Luminia was given the choice,
Be with her mother and the song of the Heavenly voice,

Or dwell in Alei’nea, Evender’s land,
And in the war to take a stand.

So some back ground on the poem.


Tyzer: Mortal foster father of Luminia
Luminia: Daughter of Anla and Manress
Anla: God of fauna
Manrees: Goddess of flora
Evender: Moral lover of Luminia

At the time in the history of the world of Aleinea that the poem takes place the War of the Brother (aka The War of Succession because two twins both want to be king) is taking place. Within the land of Aleinea its a complete mystery what happened to Luminia after the war (spoiler alert: Evender died).


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