Reasons I Love My Best Friend

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I was at Disney World last week with my BFF, so I’ve decided to come up with a list of all the reasons I love her and why she’s my absolute BFF. Then I might send this to her. I haven’t decided yet.

And prom 2016 is a Wrap! #prom #promdress #vintage

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She doesn’t take me or my mom for granted

I’ve had a lot of ‘friends’ before that took me for granted. They put up with me because my mom would pay for their movie ticket or something, and honestly until I met my current BFF I never realized that. Several times she’s even remarked that she


She tries new things for me 

I’ve taken her ice skating – she, personally, is more into roller skating – and got her heavily into the Lord of the Rings and the Silmarillion.

She gets me to try new things

This is the friend who took me to see Deadpool and Batman vs. Superman and who got me to watch the X-Men films (now I’m even giving the comics a go). I never in my life imagined myself going to an R-rated film, or getting into comics (before her influence I had seen about three marvel films and one and a half Batman films (one is the one from the 1960s and the other is the one with Liam Neeson). Now I’m trying to catch up on the MCU so I can go see all the new and upcoming films.

She puts up with me

This goes along with the above point about getting me to try new things. It had to have been hard to sit next to me – who gets freaked out over blood and violence and cursing – in Deadpool. Not to mention all my questions: “Who is Professor X” was a question in Deadpool, and “I thought X-Men don’t hurt people, why is Storm beating that guy up” in X-Men. Not to mention there was the time I told her I was so proud of myself for watching an X-Man film (after I saw The Silver Surfer) and she had to explain to me that the Fantastic Four are not X-Men.

She takes care of me

When I was in the hospital for my surgery a few months ago she came and visited me and entertained me. When a good friend passed away she comforted me and checked up on me more than anyone and made me realize that I was being stupid and letting my grief cause me to blame myself.

She doesn’t let me do stupid things

My mom has said – more than once – that she knows she can trust her with me. She won’t ever let me date any bad guys or befriend bad people (she would be the first to tell me if I’m being stupid) and I always feel safe when she’s around.

She’s funny

She is the type who makes underwear shopping fun. I would know. We’ve done it together and it was hilarious. Even driving down the road or going to a grocery store is a blast when she’s around.

She always tries hard

No matter what she tries she puts a hundred and ten percent into it (as long as it’s not school work). I have no doubt that she can do anything she puts her mind to and will go far in life (probably farther than me, she wants to be a doctor!).

She gets me as I am

She has never once asked me to change who I am, and for me, that’s something new in a relationship. Before her I stepped out of my comfort zone because my friends made me, or because I felt like I didn’t have a choice. She encourages me to try new things, but she’s never once made me or suggested I change who I am to fit better with her and her ‘crowd.’

She’s just her

She says exactly what she means and doesn’t care what people think of her. She stands up for what she believes in and never once compromises her values, even if it means angering someone (including teachers). She is absolutely the weirdest person I know and she knows that and embraces it.


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