Top FiveYA Male Characters

I have no idea who the creator of this Tag Thursday is
I found it on Perusing Pages

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling

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Who didn’t love Harry growing up? (Answer: Two of my best friends, but shhhhh we don’t talk about them).


Splintered Series by AG Howard

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I really hated him at first, but by the end of the series he quickly became my favorite of Alyssa’s two love interests (not to mention, he’s totally weird and hilarious).


Buzz Kill by Beth Fantaskey

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Chase is just great, in fact, everything about this book is just great.


Uprooted by Naomi Novik

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He’s not your typical Dragon, no, he’s just a human wizard with a funny name. And he doesn’t kidnap and eat girls, just borrows them for ten years in return for guarding the land.


The Wrath and the Dawn byย Renee Ahdieh

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He’s so conflicted and just very well written. At first he seems to be just a violent, cruel king, but he is quickly revealed to ย be so much more than that (no matter how he views himself).


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