X-Men: Apocalypse

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I was – unfortunately – out of town when Apocalypse first premiered (or I would have seen it much sooner!). There aren’t any spoilers in the first part of the review, and I will warn you before they are present.

XMA is one of my favorites of the X-Men franchise, even my friend, the huge comic nerd, enjoyed parts of it (of course, she still ran up to the Assassin’s Creed movie posted and hugged it as we left to “make herself feel better”), and said it was closer to the comics in some parts than the others movies. I honestly can’t vouch for that.

My biggest complaint is the selection: If there are a billion and one X-Men why do the movies only cover the same ten? This movie acted like it would at least add in a new one (Jubilee, although she was technically in the background of the older movies) but then lied and barely gave her any screen time. The older X-Men movies seemed to do better at having recognizable background characters (like Jubilee, Kitty, Colossus, etc (I know there were more because they were pointed out to me and I promptly forgot)) sitting in classes or wandering the halls (because none of them were important until the t second or third film). I didn’t recognize anyone in the background? Did you?


I think anyone who likes action/adventure or comedy would like this. As my proof I present the fact that I took my mom who has only seen the first two X-Men movies, had no idea of what happen in First Class or Days of Future Past, and still loved it. Even my friend who loves comics too much to love the movie as a whole enjoyed parts of it.

Spoilers Are Present Below this Tweet

Angel: Were we supposed to be sad when he died? Personally, I wasn’t really, but that may have just been me. I feel like he could have (and should have) been better developed.

Jubilee: She was in every single trailer and then cut pretty much all of her scenes. I was really looking forward to seeing her, and now I want that mall scene to be available on the DVD.

Moira: She’s still one of my favorite characters of all time (my friend still keeps pitching a fit because she’s not Scottish).

Peter / Quicksilver: Still my favorite version of the character – sorry, not sorry, Avengers fans. This one is just funnier, quicker, and all together better at using his powers. Sometimes I wonder if Fox gave the movie rights to him just so they could make a better version just to make fun of Marvel/Disney. His scene running through the mansion saving everyone was hilarious, but I thought it was a bit too long. They should have just shown a few kids – maybe the girl with the fish, the dog, etc – but then just skip back to real time of them all flying outside and let the viewers fill in the gap.

Scott / Cyclops: My friend doesn’t like the new, younger Scott, but I do (more than I liked the older one, anyway). I always thought the older one was too much of a stick in the mud (to which she replied “he’s supposed to be a stick in the mud”). He had one of the best lines, though, “the most American thing about this place is that it used to be British.”

Alex / Havok: I wasn’t terribly torn up about his death. In fact, when I took my friend she said “well Scott, this is what you get for your parents not being dead like they’re supposed to be” and I said “that’s a pretty good two for one deal.”

Erik / Magneto: Michael Fassbender is a great actor, do not get me wrong, but I don’t feel like he looks like Ian McKellan. He’s great though, and his acting is superb. I loved Magneto and his attempt at a family.

Pheonix / Marvel Girl / ??? / Jean Grey: Seriously, woman, pick a name and stick with it. Oh, and movie people: treat her better. She’s not just a pretty love interest for everyone ever. The Wolverine thing was okay in the older films, but seriously messed up in this because she’s literally a teenager (not to mention the weird PDA thing with Charles? Admittedly, I wouldn’t have thought twice about that if I hadn’t been told by my friend that he’s got a thing for her in the comics (and when he sat on her bed she yelled “way to make it weird!”). Gosh, let her have some characterization other than “bangable female.” She was great thought, its not her fault everyone wants to bang her and that the film people think that’s all women are good for.

Symbolism: One thing I always loved about the older X-Men movies was all the rampant symbolism. Like Rouge’s sexuality and growing up problems and Iceman “coming out” as a mutant. The newer ones (really all but the first two), don’t seem to have that as often.

Comic Outfits: They’ve been showing promos of the X-Men in their comic-styled outfits for ages, but we only saw them for about five seconds at the end and I was mad about that.

That was a cheesy ending: Starting with Magneto making the giant X and going all the way to quoting the original movie (okay I had feels when they did the quote about waking up in the middle of the night (which was from the older movies)) and Mystique’s DRAMATIC HERO SPEECH (Colossus, much?). I kept having to smother my laughter. My friend loved it though, but she just likes to watch Storm kick everyone’s butt.

Predictions for the next movie(s)

Psylocke: They way she stormed off at the end made me think she ends up a villain again in later film(s).

Moira’s Kid: He’s like super, super crazily powerful right? I need to hear more about him and I want to hear about her struggles. Come on, she was a single, unwed mother and that was even less accepted then than it is now.

X-23: That had to be what the after credit thing teased (if you missed it, here’s a run down). With Hugh Jackman’s last appearance as Wolverine looming they need a replacement and they need it fast.

Erik Knows: The way he kept looking at Peter (and given their exchange in Days of Future Past), I feel like he knows about Peter being his kid and I would literally die of laughter if – after Peter finally sums up the courage to tell him – he’s just like “yeah, I know.”

And speaking of the credits:


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