The Timeline of a Book Review

Or: How Camryn posts her book reviews because she makes it way more complicated than it should be.

I thought I’d make a post that talks a bit about my book reviews and how I make them, because that way I can post a link to it on my Book Review Page so maybe people will get me a little more. Fair warning: my mind works in strange ways, this is the method that I use, but it may not (read: probably won’t) work for you.

Aquire the Book

This is either through a library or bookstore, depending on how much I think I will like the book, or if it was on sale, or if I was bored, and the position of the sun in relation to the planets…… Basically its completely random.

Excitedly Take Book Home…..

…. And promptly put it on my shelf to gather dust. I’m really bad about getting books and then letting them sit around for long stretches of time. Very rarely do I read something as soon as I’ve bought it, unless its the next in a series that I’ve been dying to get my hands on or something.

Take Picture & Draft Post

I usually have a photo of the book to use as the post header and for possible Instagram needs long before I actually read the post. So I don’t lose the photo or forget having taken it I make a draft and set it as the featured image.

Decide to read it

If its a library book, its probably because I’ve realized that its about to be due, if its one I bought its probably because I ran out of almost due library books or because I’m procrastinating doing something else.

Actually Read It

This can take anywhere from a day to several weeks and or months, depending on a lot of things including: how much free time I have, how long until its due, how much I’m procrastinating, and if I really, really want to post a review because I have a funny joke to make. Seriously, my enjoyment of the book has very little to do with how fast I read it.

Start My Review

Or work on it some more if its a draft already. If its not a draft I decide whether or not I want to take a photo of the cover bookstagram-style to use as the featured image or just get a photo of the cover off the web. Usually this depends on how lazy I’m feeling and how many feet away from my shelf I am. Or if its an ebook if I really want to go through the hassle of taking a photo of my phone (with book cover showing) on my camera and then upload it to my computer and transfer it to my phone to put on Instagram.

Schedule My Review

Once I finish a review I schedule it, because if I posted a review as soon as I finished it there would be some days that have three or four reviews posted and some weeks where none are. As soon as it’s scheduled I mark it as coming soon on my review page, so I don’t forget to add it in later.


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