Iron Man

Media Monday:
Movie Review
Contains Spoilers

You may have noticed, that I tend to be a little slow when it comes to watching ‘popular’ movies. I’m so far behind that my friends made me a list of movies to watch, including: The Great Escape, Mean Girls, Guardians of the Galaxy, Footloose, and all three Iron Man movies.

One of the first things I watched was Iron Man, because, since several of the movies (six or eight of the almost seventy total) were Marvel it seemed like a good place to start. After all, we wouldn’t have the Marvel Cinematic Universe if this hadn’t worked out so well.

I liked it, more than expected. It was funny and original and very upbeat, while at the same time introducing the set up for the other movies. It didn’t have as much set up as some of the newer ones have (with the exception of Coulson), because they weren’t sure if they would be making more movies.

Yep, so all my twitter friends know to ignore me for a while.

You know the screen where you pick “Play Movie” “Scene Selection” etc.

He was too busy getting drunk.

I had no idea how true this was gonna end up.

He was just a cool guy, so I knew it couldn’t last.

I didn’t know he was gonna be in this!

I really like Pepper, can you tell?


4 thoughts on “Iron Man

    1. You were right, it was really good! I find him less annoying now. I’ve never minded him, I just didn’t understand why everyone loved him so much. I do now. (Black Widow is still better though, haha)

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