Twitter: #WriterProbs

Should we separate our social media from our reading? Or no? I deliberate.

This was published as a part of my Clearing Out My Drafts goal.

Twitter is a great tool for authors (check out my post Your NaNo Guide: Twitter), in fact it’s a great tool for everyone and sometimes I forget that. I lost one of my story notebooks the other day and had a mini-crisis, thinking that I would never see it or my beloved language and alphabet again. Of course I took my panic to twitter, and when I finally stumbled across a different notebook with my language I took to twitter to celebrate. Which led to one of my teachers being very confused. Sometimes I forget that people I know IRL follow me on twitter, as well as author and book people.

But in my opinion the coolest thing about twitter is connecting with the authors we all love.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 9.36.57 AM

You can also learn a lot on twitter. Did you know Australia’s oldest man knits penguin sweaters?

Find people you identify with:

Discuss literature:

Discuss History:


Share Poetry:

Be frustrated:

Be kind:

But theres also a decidedly negative aspect of linking our social media with our reading. For example, I have two twitter accounts: personal and bookish. Why? Because some of my IRL friends don’t love books quite like I do, in fact they might find my automatic goodreads updates annoying.

How do I know this? A few teachers that I follow liked the idea and starting doing it too. And now my dash is full.

Social media can also bring out the worst in some people. I’m going to use John Green as an example. He’s a great author, but people are rather nasty to him at times:

People are even mean to JK Rowling, but she’s totally cool about it.

What do you think of twitter and books?


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