X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Media Monday:
Movie Review
Contains Spoilers

Okay I’m gonna be honest and hopefully not offend anyone in the process: I watched this movie for Gambit. I love that guy (granted I’ve only seen him in his TV appearances in X-Men: The Animated Series and X-Men: Evolution and tumblr has told me he likes cats and Rogue (maybe not in that order)) and I’m so excited about his upcoming movie (it was supposed to come out this year, but then stuff happened and filming starts later this year and it comes out next). Marvel, if you cancel his movie I will end you.

I like Wolverine, don’t get me wrong. I also wanted to see this ‘horrible’ Deadpool that everyone has been going on about (and I didn’t know that Cyclops was gonna be in it, but watching him get his butt kicked by Victor was a definite bonus (more on that later)).

As I usually do when I’m watching movies that are so old I’m almost certain not to spoil it for anyone I kept an ongoing  commentary on twitter.

I posted this so that people would understand what the heck I’m talking about.

I just really loved him as Merry in LOTR, okay?

I had to explain to my mom that “yes this is Deadpool, no its not that Deadpool. Yes this is PG-13.”

Let’s be real: she’s a woman in a comic(movie) who’s not the hero. She’s screwed.

Just lots of shots of him looking really fed up with tourists.

Its just Logan, living a happy and peaceful life.

-looks at this lady-
-looks at Jean Grey-
-looks at others I probably don’t know about but am pretty sure probably exist-

I’m sorry, but only an idiot thinks he has a chance of beating Victor (who is Sabretooth, right?)

I’ve seen the X-Men Trilogy. I know whats up.

Afterwards I got thinking that maybe its because they’re pumping him full of molten metal so it is to keep his temperature down?

If he has his funky glasses (meaning his powers developed) why isn’t he at the institute??

Yep. Yep he was.

I’m not a huge fan of Scott Summers.

Seriously though, he’s in Evolution, one of the trilogy, and XMA.

I like Gambit, or what little I know of him from X-Men: The Animated Series, Pinterest, tumblr. He’s a crazy cat lady, so of course he’s great.

It took her way too long.

The cowboy hat guy and Logan are walking into the bar where they find Gambit (who he is going to fight, he’s Wolverine, he has to fight).

I thought I would like him and I did.

He totally punched Gambit just so he could punch his brother in peace.

I tried to find a gif of this but I couldn’t. Gambit spinning his stick over his head and gliding down from the rooftop.

He just jams his stick into the bricks and goes with it.

At least he feels good about Logan getting hurt when he jumped out. I can’t blame him for running, he was tortured there.

Honestly I wasn’t surprised. “Deaths” aren’t really deaths in comics, and even when they are they don’t last.

Sorry, where’s Emma, I like her.


People told me he was weird, but I didn’t realize how weird.

Xavier is just giving him instructions and he’s doing it, no questions asked.

I was very happy about this.

There’s a white bandage under the metal cover and it looks like it has blood on it. Of course, if its not refracting the laser correctly it could make him bleed.

I will jump through the TV screen and murder you. He went back to the place he wants to be least to help you and amnesia is no excuse.

I don’t even remember what the heck it was.

Then I found this, which remains to be my favorite cosplay of all time.



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