Guardians of the Galaxy

Media Monday:
Movie Review
Contains Spoilers

Once again, I’m probably the very last person on the planet to watch this. I can’t help that I’m so slow, sorry.

This was actually a pretty fun movie, and I enjoyed it more than I thought I was going to. As usual when watching movies that pretty much everyone as already scene, I started up a running commentary on twitter, which you can read (and my friend’s responses) below.

There were a lot more famous people in this movie than I had realized, so my mom and I had fun trying to figure out where we knew everyone from.

This is under a read more due to the twitter integration and length.

The whole bit with his mom dying and his dad being an alien (and then him getting abducted). Yeah, I saw it coming.

It was weird, but, I have to admit, I should have seen it coming.

There was an entire conversation spawned by this tweet, and I’ll recount it below:

Friend: Well, he is a legendary outlaw.

Me: But she gave up COLOSSUS and the X-Men. Why!?

Friend: What can I say? Kitty loves Peters.

Me: So if they put her in the next X-Men movie she’s marrying Quicksilver, is that what you’re saying?

Friend: I mean… I’m not ruling it out, what with her history. ? ? We’ll have to figure that out later.

Me: So what, Scott’s standards are “telepath” or “looks like Jean Grey” and Kitty’s are “named Peter”? XMen are predictable.

Friend: You’re not wrong…  *

Me: #CamrynForPresident @beyondtheveil_ ** shall be my VP. First Act: Treat the X-Men right. They need better movies.

Me: Second Order: Stop blaming Sylvester McCoy for Classic Who being canceled and respect him as the gift he is. ***

Friend: “She may lack experience, qualifications, and know-how, but isn’t a racist, corrupt, orange-tinted, rapist lizard.” – Me

Me: Here’s the platform that I will be running on  (watch video) ****

So there’s that. As you can see, my friends are just as unique as I am.

* its parodying #CyclopsWasRight which is an X-Men hashtag that throws shade at the Avengers (there was a Massacre and I’m not really sure what else but yeah).

** Thats my BFF’s twitter handle.

*** Sylvester McCoy is the Seventh Doctor (and my favorite btw) and because he was the last of the “Classic Doctors” which is to say, the ones before the show went off air for twenty years, people blame him. It was actually the BBC being stupid FYI.

**** I had to make that video for Economics last year.

It played over, and over, and over.

I think it was disinfectant, but I’m not sure.

Gamora don’t need no man.

Which would, unfortunately, be repeated.

I’m talking about right when she put on the headphones, before the weird, sort of kissing happened.

Seriously. Best phrase ever.

Its like bumper boats but with more at stake.

He’s just….. floating in space….. and not dead…… Even with his fancy little Ant-man wanna be helmet he would still freeze to death.

I sang a lot during this movie. When Groot sent up the glowing things I sang “and at last I see the light” because it reminds me of that sequence from Tangled.

Now you see where I get it from.


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