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Game Review

If you have a twitter you’ve probably seen this trending over the last few days and if you’ve been in any public space you’ve probably seen teens (and adults) wandering around looking for Pokemon on their smart phones. Welcome to the world of Pokemon Go, this week’s adventure for Media Monday, which requires stepping out of the house.

This post is under a read more due to the twitter integration.


Nintendo has been, over the last few years, trying to come up with ways to make their users more active. This has included the creation of the Wii and games (like Just Dance and Lightsaber Duels) that require a lot of movement, and by giving credits that can be used in games based on how many steps you take while holding your Nintendo 3DS. Their newest attempt to get their users outside is by far their most ambitious and coolest.

The premise of Pokemon Go is that there are Pokemon out in the world around you, and that your smartphone provides you with a link to their world. While using the app and walking around you can go to land marks which serve either as Pokemon Gyms or PokeStops and run into various Pokemon which you can catch.

So far the Pokemon you run across are limited to those from the Kanto Region (that’s generation 1, by the way) which is kind of disappointing for those of us who are hoping to see our favorite non gen-1 Pokemon (if I am ever able to catch a Piplup I will be the happiest person on Earth).

The landmarks you run across are either Gyms or Pokestops. At the Pokestops you can collect goods which will help you in your quest and can be anything from Pokeballs, to incense, to eggs. At Pokemon Gyms you challenge the Gym Leader’s pokemon (yes, if you beat the Gym Leader your pokemon stay behind to fight until they are over thrown!), but you can’t do that until you’re a level five, but don’t worry, that shouldn’t take too long.

My Thoughts

I love it so far. The biggest downfall is that I live smack-dab in the middle of no where, so there are no Pokestops, Gyms, and barely any Pokemon within walking distance of my house. The only way I seem to be able to get anything near me is to use the precious few incense (that attract Pokemon) I’ve gotten from the Pokestops I’ve passed while driving. While my mom is driving that is, don’t play Pokemon while you’re driving, okay?

One of the things that I find most hilarious about the app is the sheer number of people using it. Almost everyone I know, adult or child, has the app.

Someone told me you can have the same account logged in on two different phones, so I’m tempted to make my mom get it, so that when she goes on her walks with the dog it counts toward the steps I need to hatch eggs.

The Future?

Some of the prerelease commercials and teasers suggest things that aren’t in the app yet, like friends, trading, and counters that tell you how far (in meters) from the Pokemon you are. As of this post none of those features are available, and it seems that its pretty far in the future, given that they haven’t even managed to release the app in the UK because they’re already overloading their servers. But once they do get that fixed, maybe they’ll start working on some of the upgrades seen in this Twinfinate post. Maybe they’ll even come up with a way to contact the police in the app since someone found a dead person while playing and people are using it to rob others.

At the time I’m writing this post, there is no feature to add friends on Pokemon Go, but in case that changes in a future update: my username is CamrynDaytona.


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