The Reader

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Title: The Reader (Book one of Sea of Ink and Gold)
Author: Traci Chee
Publication Date: September 13

Chee has penned a gorgeous metaphysical fairy tale in the guise of a straight-up fantasy novel, and it succeeds on both counts. The Reader takes place in a massive web of an invented world in which literacy is nearly nonexistent. Sefia was raised in isolation by parents always bracing for the arrival of a danger from their past, and once it strikes, leaving Sefia an orphan, she becomes a fugitive. She takes only two things from home: her guardian, Aunt Nin, and a mysterious rectangular object she doesn’t dare investigate. Then Nin is abducted, and she finds herself suddenly alone. What Sefia has been carrying is, of course, a Book, possibly the only one in existence. As she trails her aunt’s captors and picks up a mysterious travel companion, she teaches herself to read. Soon the words in the Book overlap with her reality in mind-bending ways, as she comes closer to discovering the truth behind her family’s past. The Reader combines a decadently visual adventure by land and sea with a meditation on the power of story.

Even if the summary didn’t catch my attention, I would seriously consider buying this just for the cover.


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