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Up until now, I’d only seen Thor once (way back when Netflix had it) and only because it had Natalie Portman in it and I loved her from Star Wars (I mean, I watched The Avengers for the Lord of the Rings joke, sooo). So I decided to watch it again – after seeing Sif in the first season of Agents of Shield and remembering why I loved her so much – so I grabbed it on iTunes and watched it one evening when I didn’t have to go to work when their power was out.

There are two kinds of people out there I suppose: those who watch this movie for the men (Thor or Loki) and those who watch it for the women. I’m in the later group, what about you?

This post is under a read more due to the twitter integration.

It was decreed by my friends on twitter that watching Thor trumped playing Twilight Princess. I’m glad I did, it was a nice change from my days of playing Zelda, and it meant that the next day at work, when one of my co-workers handed me a giant rubber mallet and asked me to help her this happened:

Overall its a really great movie with a good balance of hilarious jokes, strong females, mythology references, and family drama, I mean, great writing. It has its darker moments, but you’re really left uncertain as to whose right and who is wrong. Clearly Loki did some messed up stuff, but Odin did suck at parenting, and Thor wasn’t the world’s best brother (like he thought he was). Is Loki innocent? No. But Odin and Thor aren’t either.

On a related note, I know the fandom likes to talk about Thor and Odin’s influences on Loki, but something I noticed was that Sif and the Warriors Three weren’t all that great to him either. I really got the feeling that he was allowed to ‘tag along’ one their adventures just because he was Thor’s brother. The rest of the time (even before they started to suspect him (and weren’t they quick to do that?) they seemed to enjoy mocking him as much as anything.

I feel like it really set up well for the Avengers movie – which I’ll be rewatching at some point, its been ages – the only disappointment being Hawkeye not being cool enough (more on that below).

The Live Tweets

I actually decided to get this after watching Agents of SHIELD and remembering how much I loved her.

9a5f285295a3303806041a707f53aec2I vaguely remember it? There was a taser, coffee and Padme. Also Tulio and Miguel from The Road to El Dorado.

Isn’t it ironic that the first time I watched this I watched it for Natalie Portman and the second time I watched it for Sif?

I guess there are two kinds of fans, those who watch for the hot dudes and those who watch for the awesome women. Oh, and those who watch it to complain about how its “not as good as the comics” but we don’t talk about them.

Clearly I’ve got my priorities straight guys.

I have all the love and respect for this woman. Does anyone else want to see her play Lady Thor? Because that would be amazing.

Drama Queen.

To quote Darcy, it “was seriously freaking me out” because that did not fit what was happening on my screen.

The masses have spoken. All like, four of them.

I don’t remember his name, I just know that he looks like Gimli and lives for food: so, Gimli if he was a Hobbit.

Sif: Sif is a awesome enough name on its own.
Fandral: Lockheart
Hogun: Karate Kid Mentor
Volstagg: Tall Gimli

Its true though. Its basically mansplaining. (If you’ve never seen How the Avengers Should Have Ended (or any HISHE) you’ve not lived).

There are so many dramatic shots its absurd.

Even if you’re not fighting them NOW why wouldn’t you tell people how to fight them just in case?

Nurses are our heroes.

Also: Shoutout to Thor staff for having male nurses.

I love Darcy.

Seriously. Love her.

This makes zero sense.

For introducing one of my favorite Marvel Characters, Hawkeye’s scene in Thor was pretty disappointing.

I want that coat and that scarf.

The acting is suburb. Imagine if it was all true and he actually did get to go home (@ FanFic writers, can we have a “Loki didn’t lie and he and Thor get to be awesome king buddies” fic which would basically be the movie if everything Thor thought turned out to be true).

I mean, you can see it, right? Because it was very late at night (or really early morning, I can’t remember so it was probably the later) and that’s what it made me think of. Its slightly less depressing that way.

Really though. Tell me I’m lying.


This guy taught at my high school. I never had him, but he’s pretty amazing, clearly.


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