College Orientation

This past Monday and Tuesday I attended a two day freshman orientation at the University of Tennessee, which is the college I’ll be attending for the next 4-6 years (grad school, yippie!). I’m shooting for a Major in History with a possible minor in Creative Writing as my Undergrad degreed, and then will be applying to grad school for Information Science, which is the degree needed to become a librarian.

Orientation was two days, which meant staying over night in a dorm which I am thankful I will never be doing again (I live right down the road, so I’m staying at home). They didn’t release us to our dorms until

Funny Stories

My Orientation Leader (OL) plays Pokemon Go, so every time we had to walk somewhere she would take use by as many Pokestops as possible, and if we saw an Eevee anywhere on campus we were supposed to tell her.

One girl I met was from New England, and excitedly asked me “When is sandal season?” When I told it was pretty much from April until November she got really excited because she had always wanted Chacos (or any sandal, actually) and there had never been a reason to wear them at her home. I bet you can guess what her going away present is going to be.

I was sitting at lunch on the second day, working on a knitting project (my Hyrule Warriors Scarf, actually) and the guy stilling across from me recognized the triforce and we ended up talking about The Legend of Zelda for over half an hour.

My BFF and I discovered that it is true that no one cares what you do in college. When we were settling into our dorm the first night she got hungry and we went searching for vending machines in just our PJs with no socks and no bras.


  • English 102
    • I was able to skip English 101 because I had already taken it as a Dual Enrollment Class
    • Credit Hours: 3
  • HIEU 241 : History of Europe/Western Civ
    • I was able to skip part one of this course (HIEU 240) because I took AP European History
    • Credit Hours: 3
  • Math 113: Mathematical Reasoning
    • Its the easiest math course I am allowed to take because I hate math and I have to have two credits.
    • Credit Hours: 3
  • FYS 101: UT Lead
    • Its a freshman class that’s just to help ease the transition into college.
    • Credit Hours: 1
  • COSC 100: Computer Science
    • They’re letting me take this as one of my math credits
    • Credit Hours: 3
  • Classics 253: Greek and Roman Lit in Translation
    • Credit Hours: 3


I expressed interest in several clubs and organizations while I was there.

  • Fencing
    • I’ve always wanted to learn fencing ever since I watched The Spiderwick Chronicles.
    • Plus its great to research for my writing
  • Ballroom dancing
    • Another thing that will be great for writing
  • PRIDE / Gay Straight Alliance
  • Korean Studies
    • I have a cousin from Korea, hence the interest.
    • They are very excited at the thought of having a member who has an actual Hanbok and other things that my grandmother brought me from Korea.

Social Media

I had to be there at 7:30 and it sucked.

They were playing Ice Ice Baby and I prefer the Ninja Rap.

At least they were honest. Most of our Orientation Leaders were playing anyway.

I was so hungry.

It was during our “don’t drink and do drugs but if you do be smart about it” talk.

It's Pajama Time in Tennessee!!

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Messing in the dorm.

So nice to meet all of you at UTK Orentation this week! See you real soon! #UTK #volmeansall

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My orientation group.

I have the world’s prettiest notebook.


4 thoughts on “College Orientation

  1. Oh my goodness. The old days of undergrad orientation. Yeah, I didn’t miss that at all and you will not miss living in the dorms, trust me. I opted out my first year, too, and lived in them my second year but I didn’t even make it the whole year. Dorms are a joke! Good choice staying at home!

    Ah yes. The freedoms of college. Now don’t let it get to your head and make sure you make smart choices. :p

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