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Hello all! All always the point of this blog is to be as useful to my readers as possible, and especially with college just around the corner when I won’t be having as much time to write and blog as I would like, I’d like to make sure that I’m making everything as interesting to you as I possibly can.

That’s why I’m setting up a survey – which you can find under the read more  or by clicking this link – to find out exactly what kinds of content my readers are most interested in so I can focus on that rather than just writing a lot of nonsense and hoping you like it. (Of course, I’m still going to post what I enjoy first and foremost, but wouldn’t it be awesome if I can post stuff all of us enjoy?).

I also ask some pretty random questions, like what books, movies, and games I should read/watch/play and if I should subscribe to a book box.


  • I will not be offended by anything you say, nor will I be hunting you down and arguing with you. Unless you choose to give me your contact into – which I will never share with anyone ever – I will have no way of knowing who took the quiz, and even then, I won’t be connecting your information to your answers in order to judge or belittle you. I want honesty first and foremost and I’m pretty dang difficult to offend.
  • I won’t be closing this ever, and might repost it in a few weeks, so take your time and feel free to answer again if your interests are changing!
  • None of the questions are required and you can skip any you want to.
  • If you get bored part way through – I was very through when I made it – feel free to just skip to the end and submit even if you aren’t done.

Thanks in advance! Data means a lot to me, its part of why I’m going to library school.


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