The Princess Bride

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I feel for the young boy at the beginning of the movie. I did not want to see this movie. I thought it was a “kissing movie” to turn a phrase. My mom finally forced me to watch it about three years ago (after buying me two copies for Christmas (I’ll explain)) and I quickly fell in love with it. I promise that one day I shall review the book, because, yes, the movie is based on a book, and yes, the book is much better (hard to believe, I know!).

The Princess Bride is a truly classic movie, with some of the most recognizable quotes of all time (the “You Killed My Father Prepare to Die” pin on my Zelda backpack gets more comments and compliments than the bag itself!). Westley, Buttercup, Fezzik, and the rest of the gang have gone down in cinema history, the popularity of the book and movie far outstripping anyone’s imagination.

The thing about the Princess Bride: its stupid. I say that as lovingly as I call my best friend an idiot. It truly is though. Its about a girl named Buttercup, who fits into almost all the categories of “Mary Sue,” who story is as stereotypical as can be, and is based on a book that is the ‘retelling’ of a classic that doesn’t even exist.

The Book

I won’t talk a lot about the book, because I do want to do a full review sometime, but heres what you need to know.

The Princess Bride is supposedly a classic by S. Morgenstern which Goldman rewrote, well, if you can’t guess just by watching the movie, that’s actually a joke. What it allowed the author to do was poke fun at “Morgenstern” and skip writing some scenes why still developing them.

For example: Goldman skips a scene that supposedly described the queen’s hats in detail. If you’re familiar with Homer, it’s supposed to be like the scene where he describes every boat in the fleet, but because Goldman is ‘retelling’ it, he’s able to skip it and all the reader gets is him saying “heres what I skipped”


I love everything about this movie. I love how stupid it is, I love how it took almost every trope and cliche and threw them all together and it worked. If you’ve never seen the Princess Bride you absolutely should, and if you’ve not read the book, read that next!


3 thoughts on “The Princess Bride

    1. Its really stupid and thats what makes it so great (and also why I really didn’t want to watch it at first!) I think you’ll really like the book. And you should check out Cary Elwis (Westley)’s autobiography “As You Wish” which is about making the movie and the impact it had on him


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