RWBY Volume 2 Screening

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No Spoilers! 

As I mentioned on my review of RWBY Volume 1, the reason I watched the first season was because of a special screening that I was going to be attending with my best friend.

The Showing

If I had to pick the most insane thing that ever happened to me, I’d pick this. Because I don’t know how else to explain the insanity, I’ll be giving a play-by-play using the timestamps on the text updates I was sending my mom.

I literally woke up the next morning and had to get out my phone and look at the photos to prove to myself that THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED!

  • 6:40 pm
    • I arrived at the theater and met my BFF’s sister
  • 6:50
    • My BFF finally arrived and joined us.
  • 7:00
    • Credits start
  • 7:15
    • They start Volume one and we all get confused (because, remember, its supposed to be a showing of Volume two)
    • Someone leaves to get a manager
  • 7:20
    • We still don’t know whats going on
    • Someone else leaves to get a manager
    • We start laughing about it
  • 7:25
    • The screen goes blank
    • Someone from the theater comes in and says they think they can have it running in about 30 minutes
  • 7:50
    • The screen is still blank, so someone comes in and says we can watch Volume 1, and “as soon as we have Volume 2 up and running you can watch that.”
  • 8:53
    • Volume 1 is still playing
    • “Volume 2 will start at 9:30” – the manager
  • 9:42
    • Volume one is over by this point
    • “It should start in ten minutes or so” – the manager
  • 9:53
    • Someone starts playing music from RWBY (it has a pretty amazing sound track) on their iphone and we have an impromptu karaoke session
    • I have been forbidden from sharing the video of my BFF singing with anyone
  • 9:57
    • The manager comes back in and says “it will be a few minutes”
    • A man stands up and says “Sir my chair just broke” and holds up the cushion from the bottom of his chair.
    • We all laugh.
    • The manager looks so done with us
  • 10:00
    • My BFF starts using me as a pillow and her sister as a foot rest
  • 10:15
    • All hell broke loose
    • The man who broke the chair cushion was asked to pose with it
    • Someone offered him a sharpie
    • He signed it
  • 10:19
    • Other people start signing the chair
    • At some point a worker for the theater comes in and catches us signing the chair. He signs it to and tells the man – dubbed “Broken Chair Man” – that he can keep it.
    • We made a hashtag on twitter: #BrokenChairMan (I’m linking to it in case you don’t believe me)
  • 10:25
    • Someone started playing Taps on their phone
    • We held a funeral for the chair
  • 10:36
    • Volume 2 is FINALLY about to start (like, they started some quick previews and everything)
  • 10:40
    • My BFF’s sister leaves and makes her walk her out
    • A RWBY chibi episode starts and my BFF has to run to get back to see it
  • 1:18 am
    • It is finally over and we all head home
    • Broken Chair Man took the seat with him, I believe.
    • The manager gave us the contact info of Tugg (the company that sent them the wrong volume) so we could complain to them instead. I’m not sure anyone did, we had too much fun (and the theater gave us free refils all night to keep us quiet)

Volume 2

Volume 2 was much, much better than volume one, and if you’ve read my review of volume 1, you’ll know that I really, really loved it. Like, a lot. But volume 2 was much better. It had a more diverse cast of characters – everyone in Volume 1 was white! But not so in Volume 2! – and the background characters were fully animated, so they weren’t just black shadows.

The storyline was also much better, and even funnier (it starts with the most epic food fight ever) and it also managed to incorporate social issues (and my favorite teacher, Professor Ooblek, got a huge part).

Theres not much else I can say without spoiling anything, just know that if you liked Volume 1 this one is so much better!

Social Media

This was early in the night back before we realized how insane it was going to get.

This was back during Volume 1

These nerds had the whole thing memorized,

It was insane, as I’m sure you figured out if you read this far.

Here he is!

Some signed it with their real name, some with their nickname, and one cosplayer signed it in character.

Then he gave it to us. A change of heart anyone?

Here are all the signatures.

The funeral.

My mom has no chill.

We wanted to flood the #ticketstorwby and get Rooster Teeth’s attention. So far I don’t think its worked (there is talk of the chair going to RTX (Rooster Teeth’s convention) next year.


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