Thor: The World Eaters

Comic Review
Spoilers under a readmore

Thor: The World EatersThor: The World Eaters by Matt Fraction

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Genre: Comic Book
Publisher: Marvel
Series: Thor #615-621

One of my friends has been pestering me for months to get into reading comics, so I finally did, but, against her wishes, its not the X-Men that I read first. It was Thor.

I apologize X-Friend, but this was good.

A different friend of mine – you may have noticed, but all my friends are nerds – convinced me to read the kid Loki comics, and this is where he’s introduced, so this is where I started. I know very little about comics, I’ve only read a small handful of them, and most of them are by Matt Fraction (his Hawkeye is the best) and so I was pretty excited to read this.

This also takes place just after the infamous Lady Loki that everyone talks about (and let me tell you, she deserves to be talked about!) and its really quite great, and also after Ragnarok (I’m not sure if its related in any way to the upcoming movie).


It was actually pretty good and the plot was fairly easy to follow – somehow Asgard got blown up and now they live in Oklahoma and if you really want to know more without bothering to read the comics just read this awesome thing that I used whenever I got confused – and Loki died but Thor got lonely so he brought him back which literally everyone else thought was a dumb idea (since Loki caused Ragnarok, after all). A short while later Thor brought Odin back too, because I guess that’s just what you do when you’re a God? His other brother – Baldir – died and he never brought him back despite complaining about how he didn’t want the throne.

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This might be from The Mighty Thor, but I loved it too much not to share.


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