The Get to Know Me Tag

Tag Thursday

No one tagged me to do this, but I found it a while ago on Alyssa is Reading.

Vital Stats

Name: Camryn

Nicknames: Cam

Birthday: February 3

Star Sign: Aquarius

Occupation: College Student


Hair Colour:blonde

Hair Length: shoulder

Eye Color: Brown

Best Feature: My eyes

Braces: Gone, thank goodness!!

Piercings: One in each ear

Tattoos: None

Right or Left: Right


Best friend: Cameron from Daycare. There were actually three kids with a variation of the name “Cameron” (I was the only one spelled Camryn) that were all born within a month of each other at my daycare.

Award: I’m sure it had to do with reading.

Sport: Horseback riding (then T-Ball, Ballet, Karate, and Ice Skating)

Real holiday: I have no clue.

Concert: Muse


Film: I have no idea.

TV Show: Classic Scooby Doo

Color: Purple

Song: Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon has a very special meaning to me, but I also love “Don’ Rain on my Parade”.

Restaurant: I don’t know.

Shop: Union Avenue Books

Books: Tolkien

Shoes: Sandals or anything comfy (I do not like Tennis shoes though) or anything that fits my tiny feet). I have to wear Narrow Width shoes.


Feeling: Excited

Single or Taken: do fictional characters count?

Eating: I just finished a Subway Sandwitch

Thinking about: The cat thats trying to fight my foot.

Watching: My mom and I have been marathoning Agents of Shield

Wearing: Winnie the Pooh Shirt


Want children: No

Want to be married: Maybe

Careers in mind: Research Librarian or Museum Guide

Where you want to live: A big house with enough land to have a horse.

Do you believe in….

God: Yes

Miracles: Yes.

Love at first sight: No.

Ghosts: I’ve two and experienced another so yes.

Aliens: I think its completely probable. “Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” – Arthur C. Clark

Soul Mates: No?

Heaven: Yes

Hell: Yes

Kissing on the first date: No. I dated a guy for six months and never kissed him.

Yourself: Most of the time


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