1 Year Blog-iversary

You read that right!! Its the one year aniversay of me starting this blog!!

Now, my first blog post – Tips on Creating a Language – wasn’t technically posted until October 5th, which was also the day I posted my first book review for Splintered by A.G. Howard. But since today is the anniversary of the blog’s creation, its the day I feel like celebrating!!! It really seems like much longer since I posted that, after all, this blog has a lot of content on it (not counting the last two months where it has had very little because of school!) for a grand total of two hundred and eighty eight posts!!!

Its been a really wild year, and I’ve greatly enjoyed sharing it with all of you, so thank you for that. And the best news? School is really settling down so you can expect to see much more of me over the coming weeks.

So lets make this next year as good as the last!!!!


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