Doctor Strange Featurette

NaBloPoMo 2016 #3

What: A fifteen minute special preview of Doctor Strange
Where: Movie Theater
When: 7pm on October 10th 2015

There are no spoilers!!!!!

It was only a fifteen minute preview, so it didn’t contain any important plot points or anything, just some teasers, jokes, and a few hints of what is to come. I meant to post this ages ago, but it got lost in the dark hole that is my drafts folder, so I thought I would pull it out since the movie is premiering in the US tomorrow.

Thoughts Before

I typed all of this up before I went and saw the preview.

I just laugh every time I admit to myself that I’m about to drive (well, make my mom drive me) forty five minutes from my house to see fifteen minutes of a movie that I’ll have to wait three more weeks to see more of.

Am I okay? Maybe not.

I just really, really love Doctor Strange and I’m not ashamed about that. The comics are really good (he is absolutely my favorite Marvel Super Hero and I have read so many of his comics since I started three months ago its not even funny) and I cannot wait for this movie.

I also really, really love the cast. That’s not to say I live in a hole, I’ve heard and researched all of the whitewashing claims (just so you know, Stephen Strange is white in the comics and there is no proof that Oscar Issac was considered for the part), and the Ancient One and The Sorcerer Supreme are titles that can belong to anyone, but I’m not going to let that stop me from going.

Benedict Cumberbatch is an amazing man, Tilda Swinton could literally sleep in a glass box and I would watch it (oh wait, that actually happened), Benedict Wong is going to be ten times better than the comic version of Wong (yes he is a man named Wong playing a character named Wong), and Chiwetel Ejiofor is going to absolutely break my heart as Mordo because I want to like him but I know better because its a train wreck waiting to happen. Mads Mickelson I would be excited about, except I’ve never seen Hannibal and I don’t think Marvel told him anything about his character and to explain what I mean, here are some actual things he has said in interviews and explanations of why he is wrong:

“This character is not in the comic books.”   Wrong. He is in a few comics, not many, but a few. Although its worth noting that this character is very different than his comic counterpart and that might be what he meant, but he still is technically in the comics.

“My character believes in a better world… He’s definitely not a villain in the classic sense.”   Well, even Loki thinks he’s doing whats best for the world? So that’s not really anything new.

“Unlike a lot of Superhero Villains, he’s a man of ideas.”   Except Hydra? And the Red Skull? And Magneto? Lux Luther? And all the other ‘idealogical’ villains in comic books and their movies?

So even though he’s confused I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say I’m sure he’s going to be great as Kaecilius. I’m a bit nervous about the Night Nurse aka Christine Palmer, if I’m completely honest. I really wasn’t ever a fan of her in the comics, and they’re not even using the correct Night Nurse.

To summarize quickly: Night Nurse is an alias used mainly by three women throughout the comics, Linda Carter dated Doctor Strange in The Oath but they broke off at some point off screen, but the MCU has, for some reason, decided to use Christine Palmer instead.

I want to be really excited about her, but the last time Doctor Strange had a Doctor Girlfriend was in the Doctor Strange animated movie and it was….. weird. Other than that the cast is perfect, however. Apparently Benedict Cumberbatch almost cried when he got the part, and I’m excited to see the “wise old mentor trope” which is almost always a man (Obi-Wan, Dumbledore, Gandalf, etc) played by a woman because if that’s not flipping off the patriarchy I don’t know what is.

There’s also a rumor and some hints that Doctor Strange might heal his hands which he never does in the comics and I hope he never does in the movies because having a disabled man with PTSD as one of the most powerful people in the universe is just awesome to me.

Other than that the movie looks like its going to be spectacular.

Thoughts After

I typed all of this up after I went and saw the preview.
No spoilers here, just vague thoughts.

It was fantastic!!! I am more excited than ever for the movie, and that’s hard to say. I’ve decided that I’m going to an Imax 3D showing, which is something I don’t usually do because of the cost and just because its not something I like (I tend to get headaches) but this movie is definitely worth both.

Social Media

Zelma (the librarian) has actually become a regular feature and that makes me VERY happy.

Its a really heart breaking comic and that’s all I feel capable of saying about it. Read it, okay?

I made her read the Doctor Strange Comic, The Oath.

Its so not fair, they get Doctor Strange on October 25th and we get it on November 4th.


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