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Now I am by no means a professional, I shoot with a FujiFilm FinePix XP65, a cheap, digital camera I got for Christmas a few years ago (except for the times I borrow my mom’s camera (and the times when I use my phone because I’m lazy). But what I am is stubborn. I can and I will do this. Eventually. After I do ten other things because I have a difficult time paying attention for that long. Although this post is mainly focused on my book Instagram TheWritingCrafter, I do feel the need to point out my other accounts: My personal which is Camryn.Daytona,  CraftingOnPinsAndNeedles for my art and TinyKylo which I will not even explain.


I love Books & Cupcakes’ book photo challenge.


This might not be the best way or the fastest way, but it’s how I do it so hang onto your hats.

  1. I set the scene. Sometimes I’m holding a book, sometimes it’s sitting, sometimes I’m in the shot (these times I’m probably using the self-timer on my camera), sometimes I’m not.
  2. I take the photo.
  3. I take another photo. Sometimes these are at a different angle and sometimes its just because I need to hold the camera more steady.
  4. I put the photos on my computer. Usually I wait until I have about ten needing posted, then I plug the SD card from my camera and save them to my computer. I put the SD card back into my camera before I forget and start shooting with no card….. Or at least I try to do this.
  5. I edit the photos. I use one of two free online programs. Usually I use Picmonkey it’s simple and has auto edit functions. Sometimes I feel adventurous and I use Pixlr.
  6. I save the photos to dropbox.
  7. I download them from dropbox to my iPad.
  8. I post them to Instagram, using a few of the app’s built-in filters.
  9. I go to my computer, open this page, and start copying and pasting the tags I want to use into a comment.

This sounds pretty tedious, but it doesn’t feel that way to me. Because I take so many photos at a time, and then edit them all and put them all on dropbox at the same time its really not that hard.

Ruta Sepetys is a wonderful author, and I hope you all get the chance to read her books.

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Is this starting to feel like a “Hey Camryn, here’s a thing you shouldn’t forget”? Well that’s exactly what it is – at least in part. First off, if you want my suggestion, you should read “A Brief Guide to Instagram”  and The Hobbit (that last one is purely because everyone should read the Hobbit at least once in their life, even if you aren’t going to be Instagraming). I always also tag with the book title, series, and author name. If the author or series has an account I try to mention it. If it was recommended to me by someone I mention them.

If you’re a little bit more Author-focused, then check out The Ultimate List of Author-Specific Hashtags.

The tags that show as links and have their own line are special: I typed them before I got lazy and decided to hop off my computer and make tea.

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#readingbuddy For that perfect picture with your Reading Buddy ie animal, toy, etc.
#BookMarkPeep for your bookmarks showing from the pages of a book.


One thing I should note about hashtags, is that, if you have it link and auto post to your tumblr, only hashtags in your caption will be added to the tumblr post. Any tags put in comments will not appear on tumblr.


These are all links to great resources that I’ve used before, some are for photos, some are for instagram, some I don’t recall.