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The Book Crafters is a book club dedicated to analyzing books through the POV of writers, looking at story structure, characterization, and symbolism. But it’s also intended for people who want to read really good books.

Set Up

The idea is to read a broad selection of books and to discuss them critically, through the eyes of authors. Each book will have a discussion folder, and in that folder will be several topics. A few will be for discussion of the book, divided by chapters (the longer the book the more of these) and spoilers for only the chapters included in the title or before will be allowed (example: if the title is Chapters 10-15 then spoilers for anything before chapter 15 is fair game). One will be titled I’m Finished! and discussion of the entire book is encouraged and allowed. Then there will be a few with titles like “Writing Impact” or “Analysis” or “Character Discussion” that are meant for discussion of how the material impacted you: notes on the author’s style, on characterization, and symbolism are allowed. Yes those may turn out to be a little like High School English class! Of course, you can join and read along even if you don’t want to participate in the author areas.


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