Requesting Reviews

After you’ve read this post, if you’re interested in sending me a request to review something see my Contact page for more information.

Review Policy

In addition to book reviews, I’m happy to consider hosting a blog tour, giveaway, or cover reveal. I self-published authors, and I am willing to help them (and traditionally published authors of course) in any way that I can.

If I received the book through a promotion or giveaway I will note that in my review. I am not paid to review the books, and my opinion is 100% honest. In accordance to the FTC guidelines, I must state that I make no monetary gains from my reviews. In my reviews I am fair and honest. All my opinions are my own and can not be influenced, which means I can’t guarantee you a positive review, but what I can promise you is respect and that I will not bash you.

If you’d like to ask me to review something, send me short blurb or summary and I will let you know whether I will read it or not. Ideally I would love to read everything I’m offered, I really want to help, but I’m a busy student with a TBR list a mile long.

I will accept books from from any reading level – middle grade, young adult, new adult, etc – but I do have genre preferences that you can read below.

I accept both physical and ebooks for review and books from big publishers, indie publishers, and self publishers.

Favorite Genres

  • Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction

Might Consider

  • Contemporary/Modern
  • Romance
  • Paranormal

Will Not Read

  • Erotic Fiction

What You can Expect from My Reviews

  • Social Media
    • A review on my blog
    • A post on my Instagram when I make the blog post, that will then be used as the header on the review.
    • A youtube video on my channel
    • Goodreads
      • I’ll link to the goodreads page in my blog
      • I’ll also post a link to my blog post on the goodreads review.
    • Tumblr
      • Post instagram and wordpress are set to automatically link to my tumblr, and more often than not I post my youtube videos on there as well.
  • All the basic information
    • Title
    • Author
      • Author’s website and social media (as much as I can easily find
    • Publisher
      • And links to where i can be bought, including publishing info and where it can be purchased
    • Genre
    • Page count
  • Release date
  • Summary of the Book
  • My Personal Review of the Book
  • A Rating on a 1-5 Scale