Scheduling for College

Goal Part One: By the end of July I want to have at least one post a week scheduled through the end of December. Thats a minimum of 18 posts.

Goal Part Two: By the end of August I’d like to have at least two posts a week scheduled through the end of December. Thats a minimum of 36 posts.

Because I’m starting College this September (thankfully in my hometown so I can live at home), I won’t be having as much time to blog as I will this summer, so before I start I’m going to be scheduling as many posts as I can.

The nice thing about this, is that thanks to Waiting On Wednesday, I already have one a week through the fifth of October, so I can focus my attention on other posts.

Things I will Be Scheduling: 

  • Media Monday: I’ll be watching a lot of shows between now and college, because thats what I do over the summer, so I should be able to get plenty of these scheduled.
  • Top Ten Tuesday: I intend to get as far ahead on TTT as I can, based on how many prompts they already have posted.
  • Waiting on Wednesday: As I said earlier, a bunch of these are already scheduled
  • Tag Thursday: From now on, whenever I do a book tag, instead of scheduling it for the next empty Thursday, I’ll be starting with the end of December and working backwards bi-weekly. That means you won’t be seeing any for a while, unfortunately, and when you do see them again they will be every other week.
  • Musings & Other: I’ll schedule some, but some will just be posted when I have the muse to write them.

Things I will Not Be Scheduling:

  • Book reviews: I do schedule my reviews, but not that far in advance. Usually they’re posted about 5-8 days after they’re written, and the only time it takes longer is if I’ve been reading a ton.
  • Fiction Friday: Its such a sporadic thing already, that I don’t see the point of setting a goal having to do with it. When I feel inspired to write I will, when I don’t I won’t.
  • Musings & Other: I’ll schedule some, but some will just be posted when I have the muse to write them.

Right Now I have:

  • September: 6 scheduled posts
  • October: 2 scheduled posts
  • November: 1 scheduled post
  • December: 0 scheduled posts



Clearing out my Drafts

For some reason I tend to over use the ‘save as draft’ function on wordpress. I have over 60 things in there, some of which aren’t even relevant any more no matter how I try to change the wording of the posts. So I’ve decided that by the end of the summer, I want to have less than ten drafts, so I can go into college with as little stress and chaos on my blog as possible!

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Alphabetical Books

I’d like to read more books from different letters of the alphabet. I want to do this in order to flesh out my Book Review page and make it look fuller. Even though I’ve reviewed a lot of books, it doesn’t look like I have because of how many letters there are that don’t have any books read.

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